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Friday, February 20, 2009

TESOL in Dnepropetrosk SLI 2008

Last summer Garry and I left the older boys at home, the youngest two in NJ with Grandma Emley and Aunt Sandy and Uncle Bob to visit their fav cousin Justin for the month of July while we flew to Ukraine so I could teach English. This was part of my classes at Prov- an overseas teaching experience so I could get my bachelor's degree.

We had an amazing time and while I was teaching and sweating alot in the city, Garry managed to see the countryside and do what he does every place we visit- look for dairy farms. He found one with all new equiptment and hundreds of cows- but most milk is produced in the villages by people milking a couple of cows that go out to the community pasture in the morning and return in the evening. The last weekend we were there we stayed in the village of Nikolipol and this is what started our mission focus for returning to Ukraine. However since we are returning in July I have been asked to teach again as part of the EFCCM team in Dnepro.