As for me and my house we will serve the Lord....

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Home in the village

We made it home to the village Friday morning, cooked breakfast and slept for 8 hours (the boys had a nerf battle) The house was warm; the snow that fell the day before was deep, there are drifts and only main roads plowed.
The overnight train was interesting, although I did not sleep much. We were in a six bunk section, were everyone walks through to the toilet/bathroom and the door was at the foot of my bunk. When the train stopped you could hear someone breaking ice loose from the wheels, with the snow fall. Jonah was worried he'd fall out but he stayed in his upper bunk all night- his blanket fell off at least four times though. Both his and Garry's feet were hanging in the aisle most of the night.
This morning we woke up at 5 to the sound of snow sliding off the roof, with temperture rising to almost zero. We may not drive back into Dnepro to church this morning as the roads were not good and the forcast is for freezing rain, but we hope to see our friends there soon. Monday we plan to get back to our daily routine, with the boys getting serious on schoolwork.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Made it to Kiev

Landed in Kiev at 300 this afternoon, and are now in the train station waiting for the overnight train to Dnepropetroesk. Paid to use the nice waiting room here with leather couches. Seth and Jonah were so tired they fell asleep on the floor while we were waiting in Dusseldorf to fly here- I'll try to post the photo I took later. In spite of the fact that Garry's wallet was left at home and we left the computer bag in the car when Matt dropped us off in Minneapolis ( fortunately he saw it in the back window and drove back around to give it to us- we we checking in rather discouraged when he called from the doorway) All the school work on the computer and the internet acess I'm using now would not have made it here (no cell phone to call for him or us) So we should be home in the village Saturday, by the way it seems that it is really snowing in Dnepro today.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Looking forward and back to 2009

The bags are packed- hopefully I didn't forget too many things I wanted to take with us. We are leaving early in the morning to go to Minneapolis to fly out mid afternoon- Chicago- Germany-Kiev- by Friday afternoon. Then the drive home to Nikolipola in our car hopefully. It has been unusually cold in Ukraine, the Bellamy's had to take the train home from Kiev, but it is supposed to warm up some by Friday.
There is a work team put together from Emmanuel to come out and help put up the barn late April, and Garry has been putting together some equipment to ship over in a container, he is excited to get back to work, so 2010 should be even more exciting.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


The countdown is on- our tickets are booked from Minneapolis to Kiev on the 28th - and thankfully-our visas/ passports arrived in yesterday's mail- so we are tying up loose ends and packing to do. I'm enjoying family time time weekend while Garry is off to the EEFC men's retreat at Red Rock Bible camp- he should have arrived there before the freezing rain started 9pm last night (it has changed to snow- we have got several inches by 11 am) So hopefully I finish off the long list of things I hope to finish before we leave!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Enjoying time at home in MB

We have had a great holiday season here in Manitoba - in spite of the weather which has dipped below -30 a few nights and mornings. It was wonderful to all be at home with the presents around the tree Christmas morning. Seth and Jonah and even Garry have gotten to milk in the new barn since the parlor was up and running a couple weeks before we came home.
We got to celebrate Garry's 53rd birthday and my 51st with a full complement of candles, kids and grandkids, which was a lot of fun. My cake on the 26th had some problems- we decided on a disaster theme- even before the tall candles started bending over.
We also got to attend the choir Christmas eve program which was beautifully done at Emmanuel with all new songs except O Holy Night.
This Wednesday January 6th we will be talking about our mission with the prayer committee at church (7pm) Our visas applications are ready to mail off to Ottawa for processing. We are planning to be back in Ukraine before the end of January as the electric was hooked up Christmas Day, so we will have heat- just waiting for the visas (takes two maybe three weeks)
Garry plans to play some more Winnipeg mens league basketball with the five older boys. There's a game Monday night, sadly they lost two days before Christmas, but Garry got a few buckets, and I got some photos. That's Luke standing, Noah, Micah, Matt and Josh on the bench with Garry leaning in during a timeout (the only non-Verhoog is hidden behind him).