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Monday, December 21, 2009

We are in Manitoba!

It true we have been home for a week already tomorrow- sorry that I am so late posting again- we had a nice flight over the Atlantic on the 8th and a nice visit with my parents, where we cleaned up our van (it had mildewed inside with all the rain in NJ this summer) but it was a nice drive up to Ontario to see Garry's parents. We stopped at Niagara Falls just after dark- beautiful with colored lights on the falls, ice on the railings- the boys did not remember seeing it before- they were toddlers last time we were there. Saw Exeter decorated for Christmas as we drove in in the snow- luckily dodged the bad stuff- and had a good time visiting with family there.
Last Sunday afternoon we headed toward home, had a nice stay overnight in Northern Michigan- Garry enjoyed watching the Eagles game while the boys enjoyed the pool, and free Wii and popcorn in the lobby of the hotel. After a nice breakfast we headed into the snow that started overnight about 7 am, steady and snowy but no problems driving. By the time we got to Duluth the snowfall was over and by the time we arrived home Monday night it was cold! about -35 C.
It is great being home with the family - we got the tree up- hope to get the cards out before Christmas and the shopping done too. Today Garry and most of the boys headed to EEFC in Steinbach while Noah and I went to Matt's church in Piney to see Xaris in the Christmas program- she said her piece but no one could hear her, she was so quiet even with a mike. But very cute in Grandma's eyes! The weather has warmed up and all the kids were here tonight for our daughter's birthday so it was a great start to the week.