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Monday, April 27, 2015

shop photos

One week ago the BC team left, and I'm thinking that they are wondering how it looks now!
Here's a few pictures... and yes Neil's drawer pulls are still on the drawers. Bear is still doing guard duty over there, the overhead door is not ready yet. 4

the students stacked the lumber under one  side

Maxim Rudi's crew

stay away chicken !

Garry decided to finish the roof in plain steel, he couldn't find any yellow. They will finish the last corners of the back wall when the door is installed, just in case the wind blows hard.

More goodbyes and so on

Saturday morning half our group was out with Victor for a Mennonite tour while our son Micah and Crystal went with us to Dnepropetrovsk where we did a little touring with Eugene before dropping him off at the airport for his flight. Two of the girls came down to our house before 8 am to say goodbye to him, and we went by the new barn so he could say goodbye to Karina, who had guard duty.

We went into the big Orthodox church downtown, a mall and the art market, where we had to push start the car when the starter didn't work! Then I stayed in the car while they bought sharma for lunch so we didn't turn it off until after taking Eugene to the airport, although it started every time for the rest of the day.

DNK International Airport
 Garry drove along the river to get to our next stop where we we going to speak to an English class. We passed a large gathering of motorcyclists near the island along the riverbank.
taking photos of the motorcycles

English class

 Actually, Micah and Crystal did most of the speaking, they got to answer questions  for an hour, or more. Afterwards we did some shopping while Garry got a haircut (the teacher knew a good and cheap place... that was the name of it!)

Then we went down to the island and walked around, watched some beach volleyball, Micah and Crystal rode a ride, and we met Denis, Victor's son that Micah knew because he spent two summers in Canada visiting our farm.

After that we went out to dinner before heading back tot he village, we even got home before the other group, who were a little battered from the bumpy trip to the Molosnika colony. However, Carol and Roy and Wilbert found some of the places where their ancestors lived.

Crystal is taking a photo of her plate, too


Victor had stayed overnight, since they got home after ten pm Saturday, and he was driving some of the group to Dnepro for church, since everyone doesn't fit in our van. We had oatmeal and toast for breakfast, the guys loaded up some milk and we were off to the city. Three of the students came along with us, and they wanted to ride in Victor's blue van, so we had only Micah and Crystal with us. 

We went to Morningstar this week, where we normally go to church and had two people translate into English for us and our guests.

After church we went to the park where Wilbert bought us lunch, and the students had some fun.

 The tulips were blooming in the park and everyone was fascinated by the tiny dog in Ukrainian dress and took photos with their cell phones.

 The hotdogs were interesting, they weren't hot, but the bun was, and they had chopped cabbage, pickles, ketchup and mayo. The french fries were hot, anyway. It was nice sitting under the tent, too.
Nastya shared her cotton candy

Look at that zip line

Crystal got a ride
kids tried the  shooting game

Sunday, April 26, 2015

back to work

                                                         Friday was a busy day, after the day off for us and the students, there was a push to get lots done on the last work day for the entire team. I didn't get any photos until afternoon coffee time, because I sent Carol and Crystal with the morning coffee; and forgot the camera when I brought the pot full of pizzas for lunchtime.

finally warm outside... and not raining!

one more wall to drywall
Eugene was leaving Saturday and he was really wishing to stay, he really enjoyed working with the students and he wanted to share his story of faith with them. Victor translated.

the students were sorry that he was leaving, too
The tram came back to the house after the village cows came home (first day out for the herd) for the second big meal of the day, shislik cooked outside on a fire. It was nearly hot all day, but a cool breeze had us heading back to the warm house after eating for coffee and games and planning where to go for those who were taking the Mennonite tour the next day with Victor.

Carol taking pictures of the cows

that cow has been in the herd for eight yeats

Thursday in Zaporosia

Thursday was a day off from work, we went to tour Zaporozhe. We left in Victor's van and went to the Island and climbed the hill and saw the dam in the distance. Then we went into to the museum.

 Garry joined us there, he had taken the car and looked at supplies for the ceilings.

The museum has even more English signage than the last time we were there. There are displays showing the history of the area. Ancient people, Cossacks. Russian, weapons, clothing, icons and even a little Mennonite display.

display hall


Afterwards we were going to go downtown to a store with Ukrainian crafts, then lunch at a Ukrainian cafeteria style restaurant. We ended up all in Victor's  van when the car wouldn't start.

Downtown ...firstšŸ˜†coffee time, then souvenirs

 After lunch we walked around an outdoor market. Victor had to go to sell milk, so we hired a taxi van for the rest of the afternoon . We went to some parks and the Dniper river.

team photo

Carol looking over the highway  

MIcah, Maria, Crystal and Roy

One last stop at Mc Domalds before the driver took us back to the village... and yes- the team ordered their own food!