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Friday, April 10, 2015

The sun came out and dried up all the rain...

Well. most of the puddles are gone, anyway! Yesterday there were a few sprinkles and snowflurries, but the wind was blowing so hard it was taking my clothes off the line outside, which helped dry the land. Garry is pleased that today is warm and sunny. He has been over at the new group home all day with the students, getting ready for the BC team to build the shop behind the house.

It was snack time when I arrived,
Garry had gone to the Magazine (store)

The students were carrying 2x4s from one pile where
 it was stacked when it was unloaded yesterday...

to the chop saw to cut them to size, so they will be ready
on Tuesday for the BC team

piles of slag in foreground
The neighbor Serosia started leveling the site with his big loader tractor this morning and Garry plans to pour concrete for the pad tomorrow. They have been getting loads of slag (it is a byproduct of steel making) all day to build the driveway so the cement truck can get there.
This pic is for my kids- Look! it's a giant chocolate-covered
jelly bunny Dad bought at the village store for me!*

Yesterday Garry experimented with using metal profile to build interior walls inside the house, one of the the things that the team from Steinbach will be working on when they arrive Wednesday.

supplies drywall and metal profile Garry and
the boys unloaded Wednesday afternoon
(in Ukraine you unload the truck)
We are excited that the team from Steinbach has several good friends from our church in Manitoba and our son Micah and his wife Crystal. They are at the far left in the photo.

The team from Steinbach

Apparently the babushka next door to the new house is wanting, or reclaiming metal from the site. I am not sure what metal. According to the guys, she says her grandfather built the house... or shed or... I'll have to ask more detai
ls. I found out that there was an old root cellar in the ground where they were working. They pulled some big pieces of metal out of the ground and piled them up. Metal is worth a lot now, and they could sell it. The babushka came over to our garden and looked at the pile of metal. Then she asked them to carry it over to her yard, they were amazed. Why would she expect them to give it to her and carry it away for her, when it was in our side of the fence? That's when she explained that her grandfather built it...When construction started she wanted some wood for a doghouse, that Garry gave her, I guess it made sense to her.

 The Alberta team couldn't believe how many pieces of old lumber found new homes after the went into the wagon out front. Most of the the scrap wood went over to the "new barn" so the guards can burn it in the the little wood stove in the guard room and stay warm.

* He did buy a bag of chocolate covered animals that they were eating for snack when I arrived, but he gave me the rabbit. I will admit it was not quite the thick rich Old Mommouth Candy Factory milk chocolate, but it was pretty good.

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  1. Wood is treated like gold here. I keep throwing out the garbage and Tanya keeps hauling it back.