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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Friday... the big push

Garry, with Roy as a ride-along, left at 5 am to drop Ray at the airport for the first of his flights home at 7 am. He was flying from Dnepro to Kiev, then in the afternoon would start his Kiev-  Germany- Toronto- Winnipeg route home. They were home before breakfast, hopefully Ray will be home soon (as I write this at 2 am here).

If Thursday was a busy day of work, Friday was more so as four members of the team will fly out Saturday afternoon, and were determined to contribute on their last full day on the job. I did not have my camera in the morning, but Chris got to do some actual plumbing (his real life profession) installing drains for the bathroom in apartment three.
Garry went to the hardware store in the village first thing to buy two 90 angles elbows for the plumbing set up as they were short two. Unfortunately they only had one in stock. However, a lady in the store, whose cow Garry had bred last year, said she thought that her husband might have one back at the house. Garry went with her to her house and her husband searched around, but couldn't find one, however he said that Garry could just take the one off the plumbing he was doing for their unfinished bathroom. Garry even saw the heifer calf that had been born this year.

After that, Chris was helping put the drywall up in the kitchen bath area of that final apartment, right up until six pm. Peter, our problem solver when it came to how can we make this drywall work in this odd space, was called away from door installation often in the last couple hours. Roy and Carl were lending a hand in the push to finish the drywall installation.

Clean up in future classroom with doors!

 Carl was doing more window cleanup, and regular cleanup, and late in the day he measured out every room and wrote it all down for Garry so he can order the ceiling for the building.

Wes and Wilburt moved from job to job as usual, but were mostly involved in helping the effort to cover the outside of the building with insulation with Garry and Doug, who seems to always be up a ladder.

Some of the the friendship bracelets
It was another chilly, windy day. Some of the team visited the village school for a short time in the morning with Yulia, Max Rudei's wife (and Garry to translate) and gave them friendship bracelets made by fourth graders in Steinbach.
  I got my photos taken late in the day, since I forgot to take the camera when I went down the street the first two times to tile and when Marcie and I went back to the house to help Carol carry lunch down.
Carol once again did the house cleanup, laundry, cooking part of the work, while Marcie lent a hand everywhere.

I was a bit of a slacker, getting this much finished by 1:30, when I walked home with a migraine coming on, took liquid Advil and laid down for half an hour and woke up two hours later. I did get lots done during the last two hours, as you see in photo two.
 Hopefully I finish tomorrow  er, later today.
I promise that I will go back to sleep soon, I woke up and thought it was morning, so I started writing and checked on the Flyers game.
It's the biggest bathroom

Wes and Wilburt leading the troops walking home

 After dinner the students dropped in (actually most of them got there just as we were saying grace and we had to make them wait) to get paid and pick some clothes that the team brought in their suitcases. We started by telling them them two things, then maybe three, and soon it looked like a bag sale at the MCC in Steinbach, but everyone went home happy. The girls also got presents from the team.  Pajama pants with polar bears, tiny flashlights, pens and socks, the boys had gotten theirs yesterday when most of the team went down before the birthday party dinner.
Kristina looking very happy

Kolya was excited to get the shirt off Chris' back...
or one he wore most of the two weeks here.

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  1. Hi to Gary & Teresa - you are doing a phenomenal job in Nikolaipol. We tried to contact Max at providence last summer but were told he ws in Winnipeg with your family. We are always blessed when reading your blog.
    Peter & Alice Krahn