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Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday- planting corn and making walls

Sasha and Kolya are  helping in the field today, refilling the corn seed
 and bucketing the fertilizer in the planter
Garry disappeared last night and it turned out he was fixing up the corn planter, which he thought was already done, since he wanted them to start planting today. He came it looking very dirty shortly after the team returned from Dnepro around 7:30 pm, he said it was nearly ready to go in the morning.
Volunteer electricians hard at work

New profession for Chris

 So he ended up driving the tractor today and planting so the guys are on their own building drywalling, taping and mudding, even Marcie is giving it a try.
Carol enjoyed meeting the new students and seeing some of the old ones and is givng me a hand with the cooking, cleaning and carrying.

Marcie giving the guys a hand

Eight pm and Garry is still out in the field planting corn... wait he just came in at 8:23.

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