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Friday, April 29, 2016

Today... more work

 There were a few more windows to box in with drywall, so Richard was on that this morning when I brought down coffee. Peter was putting together cabinets on his last day of work, tomorrow afternoon he leaves for Manitoba (well Vienna, Sunday he gets to Steinbach.)

 Jeremy was busy installing the lighting he, Max  and Garry went to buy yesterday evening.

 The big job of the day was tiling the big classroom, with many hands on deck for that.
coffee anyone? 

 By lunchtime they were halfway across the room, but they are leaving the tiles you have to cut for another day... so its going fast. By three o'clock when I walked down to take photos they were nearly done.
Nikolai was putting in spacers

Leila likes to clean

Nickolai is back and Kristina was happy to see him

ice cream time

Sasha is not drinking and driving ... it's citrus flavored pop..
and he's just sitting on the tractor anyway!

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