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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wednesday- rain and roof

Kristina (near) and Oxana
It was overcast when the guys headed out to work on the house today. I was going to hang the laundry outside but decided not to, I found the drying racks and set them up indoors. I did a second load which I went to hang out at 9:30 but there were still dark clouds overhead, so more wet clothes went on the racks. I started the last load (the guys had quite a lot to give me when I asked if anyone needed some stuff washed) and started the coffee pot so I could bring some down to the work site.

 Kristina and Oxana ran to meet me, Kristina won and carried the stuff inside. The guys were just starting  putting the steel on the back side of the roof when I arrived. However, they did not come down to drink coffee as they tried to really hurry to get the roof over the piles of drywall as they felt a few drops of rain, and then it started to rain more. It was all finished (except the small back portion) by the time I came for lunch! They tell me that they got wet, but not wet enough to come down and then the rain stopped by the time they finished that side.

 The guys keep going and really got a lot done today, I hoped to take more photos but forgot the camera at lunchtime  and then went into the city for some water and groceries. Then I planned to go back with the camera, but ended up getting busy making potato salad to go with the pulled pork in the crockpot for dinner.

More photos tomorrow, meanwhile here's a couple I borrowed from later in the day... they were lucky as I was leaving Dnepro with the groceries I drove through a big thunderstorm, but it avoided the village today, they only had a few drops a couple times for the rest of the day.

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