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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Tuesday -Roof and rain

Yesterday they removed all of the old roofing material so when Garry checked the weather forecast before dinner, it had changed, there was a chance of thundershowers for Tuesday. The steel is supposed to arrive around noon, so they were optimistic that they could have a lot of it covered before any rain started.
So when Garry got up at 6 am he was dismayed to find light rain falling and went to try to keep stuff dry. At 6:30 he was back with a plan to tarp the roof, so most of the guys went off with him. An hour later they were back for breakfast, along with Max Rudei, joking that now that they were done tarping it had stopped raining.

At 8:30 they were back out at the worksite after eating breakfast and having devotions. The plan was to  uncover the roof, straighten out the rafters and strap them to prepare for the steel (if the rain holds off- it did). Some of the guys will continue with making walls.

I took a few photos at ten am when I took the coffee down, by that time they had removed some of the tarps and were working hard on the side facing the street.

At 11:30 I was just finishing the pigs in a blanket, getting ready to put them in the oven when the power went off... until just before 6 pm. That threw a wrench in the works for me,so  I quick tossed the pasta spirals in the soup, and went into broderbraut mode. Some of the girls showed up to help, and soon I was quick-stepping down the street holding one side of the soup pot. The pasta was done, too.

These dves are not on the antennae
I had started this blog post while everyone was out of the house in the morning, but couldn't finish it since the guys came in a half hour after the power came on, and I was busy making dinner. After dinner the wifi was off and on, and everyone was using it so it was slow.
 Doug was able to use facetime at the group home... and I thought we had the same internet as them. Maybe we need another upgrade. Garry is blaming the mourning doves who like to sit on the antennae. Sometimes they move it when they take off.

I got out of coffee making with no electricity all afternoon (they went to the store for ice cream and Pepsi instead)  although they guys had power since it was only out on one side of the street while the power company guys were working on a line. We do not have the electric hookup to the new house yet, but are paying a neighbor to run an extension cord over to power saws and drills.

I did walk down at four and take some photos, the guys on the roof were wearing shirts, unlike at noon when I forgot the camera. It has been 25 degrees C and the guys are really sweating on the roof in the sun. They started using sunscreen Monday afternoon after getting a little red on their faces.

 When I got there there was a shirtless man outside and I thought it must be hot if the natives are going shirtless. He went inside and was talking away to the the guys but looked very disappointed when I told him that they did not understand Russian, he need to talk to Garry, who was up on the roof. Apparently he wanted a piece of wood to go with his piece of rebar,
The girls were working since the boys were planting the garden at their house

They did not stop at five but worked another hour or more putting some of the steel on the roof. Apparently there were a few accidents- the girls came for band-aids, one of the guys cut his finger and Roy slipped and fell through the roof, luckily he caught himself on the ceiling three feet down, but ripped the knee of his jeans. 

They were all tired and sore when they arrived for dinner, but they looked refreshed after showering, and were making plans for the next day's work, and telling stories about their lives.  Some of the guys  even went for a walk with Garry, and played a few hands of UNO with the girls at the house they worked on last year.

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