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Sunday, April 24, 2016


This was a typical Sunday, we went to church in Dnepropetrovsk with the milk jugs except that we drove the Mercedes van to fit everyone in with two couples (three with us) and Peter. After church Garry taught English for three hours as usual while we walked to Puzata Hata for lunch. As you can see in the photo, we had enough to eat.

Afterwards, we walked in the warm sunshine down the street, through the PASSAGE mall, where we lost Peter for a while when he tried to find the toilet- it's on the fifth floor, and then he had to maneuver the criss-cross escalators back to the first floor. While we were waiting outside, Marcie and I enjoyed some people watching, including the well-dressed ladies in high heels trying to walk across the cobblestone walkway.

Then we continued to the art market and did a little shopping. It clouded over and there were a few raindrops while we were there. We walked to the big Orthodox Church for quick look before meeting up with Garry when he finished his classes. It was Palm Sunday here, we had readings in church, but there were people selling bunches of pussy willow on the sidewalks outside as you approached the church. In Ukraine they use pussy willow for Palm Sunday. If Easter is early, the branches are covered with little buds, but this year, like many years, it's later and there are leaves on them.

After we met up with Garry we drove to the Retro Car Museum and had a good time looking at the cars, motorcycles, telephone booths, and even a snowmobile. We had coffee in the cafe and Garry played a couple games of pinball... which he hasn't played in years so he didn't do that well, according to him; but he set the high score record on the machine.

A quiet evening of packing, playing games, talking and eating goodies from a bake shop followed, because everyone left from the Steinbach team except Peter will be on the afternoon flight out of Dnepro tomorrow. He has some more doors to hang before he leaves on Saturday.

 I have been telling the team since the guys arrived that there would be no breakfast if the Flyers are out of the NHL playoffs, but I guess they will need some food. I'll just have to watch baseball now. Of course, team three arrives here Monday evening.

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