As for me and my house we will serve the Lord....

Monday, March 29, 2010

This week the grass is turning green, the ground is dry, and Garry was able to break ground for the barn in the village. On Thursday a big payloader started moving dirt to level the site, behind the house in the garden. While that was happening the rest of the garden was being harrowed by a man with a horse.
On Friday he started digging trenches with some guys from the village. We had to head for the dentist for the boys noon appointment to get their braces (both are having trouble eating now.) Unfortunately, he discovered on Saturday afternoon that he was off a few inches so that they had to dig a little more to the side in a few places so the pilings will be in the right places to anchor the framework of the building.
Starting today they will be making cement to build those piling so that next week the guys from Kerzum can come weld the sections they have built in the factory together on site. That way when the team arrives on the 18th of April we hope to be ready to do the finishing work inside.
Garry and Victor got a permit from the village mayor, but the former mayor started a petition this week to stop us from building. Four people signed so the mayor is going to arrange a meeting with them and Garry and Victor so we can address concerns. It seems some may be worried about cows in their garden, so we will see what happens. Meanwhile the other neibours are happy to be working on the barn, as jobs are scarce in the village.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring is here!

Spring has finally arrived here in Ukraine. It was 10 degrees C on Saturday, and Sunday afternoon was warm again. It was 7 degrees at 7 am this (Monday) morning and the forecast is for 15 mid-week. We were a bit worried the week before when snowflakes were falling every morning and the snow was melting in Manitoba! Garry put some pea and spinach seeds in the garden this week, some of the neighbors were working in the village gardens yesterday.
We are off to Dnepro for an appointment for the boys’ braces this afternoon. Garry and Victor were in Zaporosia this morning trying to deal with paperwork about moving the gas line so we can make a driveway the milk truck can enter, and another piece of land they are trying to get a rental agreement for. There was a chance of rain today and big drops were banging the windows mid-morning, but it didn’t last long. The sun is trying to break through the clouds now. If it becomes dry enough, Garry hopes to start on the barn footings this week. He is going to hire some of the local young men to dig. We will see what is done by next week.
As you can see the boys’ new puppy has become Garry’s lap dog and discovered a new game-“attack Garry’s ears”. She likes it as much as chase the cat (the cat escapes by jumping on furniture- the puppy is too short.) It looks like she is going to be a small dog, but not in her mind, as she is ready to take on anything. The boys walked to the store with her last week and she thought she would chase the German shepherds barking at them. The boys had to carry her as they did not think it was a good idea.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

two week summary-

I had some computer problems last Sunday, so didn't get the post I had prepared up- this week we couldn't get online with either computer at Dafi- so I had to upload this at home where we pay by the byte! I'll add photos to it next time.
Sunday February 28th we went to church at Morningstar, and Daryl Porter was preaching there on his last Sunday of his and Molly’s two week trip to Ukraine. The verse for the sermon—verses, were from Exodus, Psalms, John and many of the letters of Paul—nine points about how we are to live as Christians. Afterwards we joined them and a number of church members (most of whom attend Summer Institute) for lunch at Puzata Hata. We had such a good time that arrived home at 5 pm (before dark!) The Ukrainian Olympic coverage was showing the figure skating gala when we got home, then showed the entire 50 km men’s cross country event , even saw at least 35 guys cross the finish line, but no hockey game! So we had to check facebook and the BBC news for updates, where I heard at one in the morning, after a documentary about the Rise of Stalin, that Canada had won in overtime.
On the first we had a trip to the city again, to start the boys’ braces with x-rays and molds. We are getting some preliminary things done on the 16th of this week. Seth's teeth are similiar to brothers Micah and Matt, they had braces also. Jonah has a different problem, but in two years they should both have more perfect smiles...
We are excited about the mission team from Emmanuel that will be arriving on April 18th to help build the barn. They are having a fundraising lunch at the church today (March 14th) and we hope everyone enjoys the farmer sausage and verenikye! Garry hopes to have the coverall-like building up before they arrive, so they will be able to work inside making it into a barn, plus building the milkhouse. He made another trip to Kersum to check on the progress and it looks like they will be ready by the end of the month, all we need is warmer weather so the concrete can get poured for the footings. That way by July when the Summer English Institute happens there will be cows in the barn.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Quick Hello

I had a post ready to go on my computer but it is having connetivity issues and does not want to get onto the internet (HELP Noah)
Any way we are at Dafi- and Garry and the boys have just returned from their walk with a free puppy (who knew that there is a humane society in Ukraine?) and now they are off to get puppy stuff at the pet store. Jonah is carrying him, he even has a big green bow tied around his neck. He may be noisier than the hamster- Mimie just runs on her wheel at night. Garry has thought a dog to bark might be a good idea since Seth's bike walked away from the yard in the fall. Jonah and Seth like the idea of more pets.
We only had one flat tire this week- the dental appointment ran late and it was dark when we left the city and hit one of those foot deep three feet wide four foot long things called potholes! Garry and Seth quickly changed it and now Garry has 2 spare tires- just in case. Seth and Jonah are starting braces in a week- its a two year program so I guess we are staying here until then.
We had an inch of snow overnight, the roads were a little sloppy, after the crews moved some of the snowbanks away so that our four lane road is almost back- now they just need to fill a lot of holes.
We are looking forward to the arrival of the EEFC work team on April 18th for two weeks, Garry hopes to keep them busy building in the barn.