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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Going to Big River

You see lots of old grain terminals still along the railroad tracks
 As I said in the last post we drove to Big River SK earlier this month to speak at the Evangelical Free Chruch there. Here are a few photos we took on the way.  It was very cold, we we glad to have Noah's car to drive, and that it started Tuesday morning, when it was 37 below centigrade scale. We had been going to drive Luke's car but it was broken into in Winnipeg the week before- someone smashed in the passenger window, which was the extent of the damage, as there was nothing to steal, I guess, theywent though the glove box, leaving Seth's passport on the front seat, the GPS was still there, and I assume they were really disappointed to find Luke's starburst candy stash in the center console, there wer a few scattered about and it was open....

 For our Ukrainian friends, here is an Orthodox church in SK we passed

Any way, we had a nice time, Garry enjoyed speaking and I hope the people there found it interesting. We left them some student profiles and other information about the trade school.  He hopes to talk to a few more people before leaving on the tenth of January for Ukraine. For more on the trade school check out the post I did this week, just click on the bird photo at the right.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Almost Christmas, and what have we done?

Back- Garry, Noah, Luke, Micah, Jonah, middle_Josh & Krissy, Teresa, Jessica,
 Seth Kari- holding Keziah, Matt, front Havilah and Xaris
We have been here in Manitoba for almost a month now. What have we been doing? As you can see, we took a family photo. Garry has talked to lots of people about his trade school. collected posters and videos to use in the new year for teaching, helped the boys out on the farm, played a little basketball...

We drove all the way to Big River SK last week Monday,  Garry talked at the church there about what we are doing, stayed overnight at our friend Clay (from Summer English Institute) and Maggie's and drove all the way back Wednesday. It is difficult to coordinate church visits in Decemer with all the holiday stuff going on.

Last night we started birthday week with a Dr Who themed party for our daughter- we drove to Winnipeg with the food and met there at her boyfriend's apartment, then She drove home to Morden with Jonah, for today's last day of school, while I went and watched Garry and the boys  play basketball in the mens league at the U of W at 9:45. It was a close game but they lost to the undefeated team in the division. We got home at 12:20 am and that was driving fast. The farmers hate late night games! Saturday is Garry's birthday and then Christmas followed by mine.

I have been doing a little babysitting, and shopping, and enjoying the family; like tonight, I am at our son's house babysitting, finally have the girls bathed and in bed...

Today I babysat the girls while Kari went to work, Matt napped after coming home from work (very late basketball game last night in Winnipeg when you drive more than an hour home and work the morning shift) and now I am watching all the girls while they go to a work party for Kari.
Girls finally asleep after baths, teeth brushing,  looking at facebook photos, 10 books read, 4 songs sang, and have finally found my crochet hook last seen two hours ago when Havi was "sewing" she had me try to teach her how today (she's 4) - had cleaned up all the playdoh bits, dropped stickers and dressup clothes when I looked in the fridge, removed an ornament we made earlier today, and found my crochet hook hanging on the tree when I when to put the ornament on it... I love my grandkids!

By the way, Victor says there are four new heifer calves this month, and Garry is looking at plane tickets, the new semester will begin on the 14th of January at the trade school.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Flying home to Canada

Green fields of Ukraine

Taking off from Toronto
We did finish our flights back to Canada, with a minimal amount of fuss, even the shuttle from the airport in Germany to the hotel was easy to find and waiting for us. The contrast between the green fields in Ukraine and Austria to the browner Germany and Ontario...and then the white ones of Manitoba was very noticeable,  even as we landed in the dark.

We celebrated Jonah's birthday Sunday afternoon with the whole family together, and even tried watching the evening football game. Garry and I both took half a week before we were not falling asleep at 6 pm and getting up at 3 am, but after a week, it's getting better!
Blowing out his candles