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Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Garry and I have been in Canada for nearly a week now, still trying to get used to sleeping and waking at the proper times, but keeping busy. I have been trying to get Christmas letters and cards in the mail with a photo of all the family we took at the farm Christmas party on Saturday night. The photo never comes out as good as we hope, but everyone is in it! You can even see the boys scoreboard in the farm gym where the dinner was held.
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Sunday we were in Steinbach and that evening we returned to meet with potential work team members, while we were there, it snowed, and it was a long slow drive home for Garry as the road was covered with a thick layer of snow and more swirling around. They hope to send a building team at the end of March, beginning of April. They may even do a VBS in the village during spring break.

Garry is always ready to talk about our mission.
We've changed our schedule and will be driving to Saskatchewan this weekend to speak to two groups and visit friends/supporters.

Garry has been enjoying hanging out with our sons, helping in the barn and even playing some basketball with them. He refereed some high school basketball on Friday and Saturday. He says he is finally figuring out how to run on his fused ankle. He has been walking fast since summer.

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoorThis week the students back in Ukraine are having classes without us, next week they will start a winter vacation, only working a few shifts a week, no school. I found a photo on facebook. It looks like Larissa's husband Jenya was teaching today. Most weeks she comes to teach by herself. They are doing a class on Tuesdays about life choices with a Christian perspective. They drive out from Zaporosia to teach our students this course, we bought workbooks for everyone, including the grads.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

The wedding part two

In the morning, after he fed the cows, Garry had to go to Zap for flowers for the tables and a bouquet for the bride with white roses (as requested by Oksana- the flowers were the one thing he forgot on Friday evening). I got some of Kolya's pineapple chicken in the oven to finish cooking for dinner after cutting the stuffed chicken breasts in half for serving (that's right the bridegroom made the main course for everyone, they had carried over a huge tub full Friday evening and it was taking up a lot of my fridge space). Daryl went along with Garry, and the team started getting up while I went down to the classroom to make up the pickle plates and put the plastic forks out. Several of the first year boys were already there with Vasha trying out the sound system. I didn't know they were going to do some dance moves later in the day. 

Kolya was ready 
Soon the Rays of Love gals were doing Oksana's makeup in the living room, while Garry and Daryl and Victor and I ran around doing last minute (it seemed like it, but was two hours in all) prep, like getting the church open and getting the rest of the classroom ready, warming up the meatballs and more chicken and finally bringing food to the classroom before the service as planned.

We raced home just before noon, the girls were looking for a safety pin to hold Oksana's hoops on (they were too big for her waist) under her dress. I found a bigger pin, and they finished getting her ready, while Garry and I changed quickly.

 Alona got promoted to bridesmaid, I think because she had a dress. Vika, Oksana's sister in the green coat, thanked Garry after the ceremony for doing this for her sister. The two sisters don't get along very well, we have discovered over the last two years but she was very happy for her sister.
Okasan with the Rays of Love team

We took a few photos outside and then at 12:15 Garry walked Oksana down the aisle as requested (Kolya had told him earlier).



Victor did a wonderful job of translating the ceremony into Russian for Daryl (from Daryl? so everyone understood) and the ceremony went really well.
  Garry and I were surprised that one of the scriptures was the passage from Ruth that was the same verses from our own wedding... whither thou goest, I will go, your people will be my people...

They came out of the church to a shower of rose petals. Afterwards the bride, groom and many of the wedding party walked to the classroom, while Garry checked on the missing food.

With Roma the best man

 We took photos while we waited for Garry to come back... and selfies too
with Alona

With Larissa (teaches Tuesdays) and her husband 

and Vitaly

Vasha finally can introduce them...

Finally we started with the introduction of the bride and groom and then after the prayer ate a lot of food before the games and presentations.

Guess who beat me at the tying ties contest?

 Then there was the first dance followed by some very different dancing...

who knew we had break dancers for students?
One Sasha

and a second Sasha!

That's Vitaly and Vasha under there

They had trouble getting out of the costumes and needed help

a very large present from the students

A very large group brought greeting from Jack, too

the bride with Yana (our milker supervisor) and Leila and her cow

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and indoorImage may contain: 1 person, closeup and indoorBefore we knew it the party was over, and I quick recharged my camera battery before we went to Zaporosia for a few bridal photos by statues - a Ukrainian tradition- before going to Just Youth with Steve since its always the first Saturday of the month with a vanfull- including the bride and groom.

 They even got a gift sock from Steve, everyone else who came had fun playing a trivia game. We all were ready for bed by the time we got home. Thanks to Nelly and the rest of the clean up crew who stayed home and cleaned up the classroom and Victor who drove the ray of Love team who we going by bus from Dnepro so we could go to Zap.

A big thanks to everyone who made it a special day for the bride and groom. Garry says it was a lot more work than our own kids wedding (for him anyway).