As for me and my house we will serve the Lord....

Monday, July 20, 2009

July in Ukraine

Hello! It's hot at least 38 for you Canadians. Garry and the boys have been swimming in the village pond, everyday for the last week, except Saturday when they swam in the Dniper river, and today because Jonah was feeling ill( they say he is feeling better now).They met a few people in the village while swimming and managed to communicate with Garry's few words of Russian, their few words of English and drawing pictures in the sand.
I am there part time as I am teaching at the English Institute in Dnepropetroesk, Music and English (no- we are not singing- just using music to practice English) Marina N graciously invited me to stay with her, which how I am posting now.
Garry has bought a car- a Lada and so he drives me in some days, but he hopes to start some renovations to the house we are living in- right now the kitchen and bathroom are out in the summer kitchen so there are plans to fix up the other half of the house.
The electricity was out several times since we arrived in the village, due to storms that do not bring much rain- which the gardens and crops really need.
Garry is busy and I will be for the next two weeks, then we can start to settle in and learn Russian. We are still looking to get some kind of Internet access in the village so keep checking for updates! Photos to come.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

More about that

Well I took a nap this afternoon after worshiping with Marina at Word of Life church on the left bank. I get my cell phone tomorrow, for sure, as it will meet me at the Institute along with almost 60 students in my three classes. Garry has managed to buy a new car already, a Lada brand station wagon-like one, Orban tells me it's called a universal here. He won't be able to drive it until Tuesday, so I look forward to seeing him and the boys here in the city then.
The boys seem to be adjusting well, although they are waiting for the Internet- hopefully we will have access out there soon, and you'll find out more as it happens!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

We're Here!

Yes it is true, we landed in Kiev Tuesday afternoon with almost all our luggage- tub #3 found us two days later. Seth and Jonah enjoyed their first flying experience , even though it was a little bumpy. Seth did not enjoy takeoff so much the first time. We had a good time seeing our families before we left- and for those who know about Jonah's sparkler accident on the 4th - he's healing nicely- no infection in his burns on his toes!
I am writing from Dnepro were I am staying with Marina at her apartment as Institute starts Monday. Garry and the boys are in the village settling in, and moving around the stuff I put away. He has a cell- I'll have one tomorrow, so we can be called but I don't have the numbers! The boys had their first (very crowded ) tram ride and ate at Pazata Hata ( its a Ukrainian style buffet) and we got caught in the rain near the Central market do they got pretty wet. I will try to post photos next week!