As for me and my house we will serve the Lord....

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Two weeks ago Sunday afternoon we had fun at Globus Park, the boys enjoyed paddling us around on a paddleboat in the swan pond. They also rode the swings ride which was pretty wild. Here are photos...........

No photos

I am having computer problems this week- so no photos because we can't get my computer to go to any websites! Why didn't Noah want to come to Ukraine with us? My computer is the one we load photos on- Garry's is more basic.
Garry was sick and went to the hospital for a night this week- they thought it was food poisoning or maybe the flu. I had a milder case and the boys did not get sick. If Garry would take it easy he would be better- but he did rest yesterday and is feeling better- just not not completely recovered. On Thursday he helped the work crew carry in drywall- it came delievered but we have discovered that delievered means driven to your door. The boys and I help carry in the boxes for the kitchen cabinets and even the tub on Monday morning. The floors have all been poured (cement) and next week tthe workmen (2 village men) should start walls and drywalling.
We are eating lots of tomatoes from the garden, peppers and potatoes. It has stayed cool but has not rained in 3 weeks so things are getting dry- the cucumbers are giving up.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Week of AUGUST 9-16

Last Sunday afternoon Garry and the boys enjoyed a game of soccer with the neighbourhood kids. This took place in front of someone’s yard where the kids had built some goals back in July. The game tended to spill out into the street so they would yell “machin-a” when a car came up the street.
On Monday Garry and Victor with the help of the boys started the septic tank project. On Tuesday they decided to knock down one more wall, which accidentally broke the door to go out the other side of the house, so there is a grate leaning up against it until tomorrow when Victor will bring out the new door they ordered.

It has been cooler this week so the boys haven't been swimming in the village pond. However Jonah really enjoys swimming so he talked them into going on Thursday after working on the house. He was the only one who swam- Garry got into his knees- the water is spring fed and it was cold!
Yesterday we drove down to the Sea of Azure. Garry thought that the land would be flatter out that way. We saw peach orchards, bought some grapes from the roadside (they also have melons) and it in spite of a few detours-cities here do not have by-passes, so sometimes it is hard to find the way to the road you want even if you where on it on the way into the city- we did find this Cossask stature in Zaparozia- we arrived at the sea in five hours. The boys enjoyed a swim in the sea and it only took 3 ½ to get home. Next time we will pack a picnic lunch and swim longer.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


  1. Seth and Jonah getting a couple minutes off on the DS
  2. The kitten on the new laminate floor in their room
  3. The neighbors' chickens checking out our yard
  4. The future Kitchen (there was a wall knocked down here too)

Men at work

Garry and the boys have been busy taking things down so we can start the real reno on the house (see photos). This week they plan to dig a septic system by hand so the bathroom building can get started. The weather has been cooler- it was 15 C this morning, making church at Morning star comfortable- we are usually fanning ourselves all service. I have been picking up fallen apples in the yard and making applesauce and pies.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A new month

Summer Institute is over- it was a great team of people and many new friends were made and the gospel was presented to may students, and interesting English classes. Most of the team is arriving home now. We had Daryl and Molly out to the village today after church, to see the planned renovations to the house- we will have a kitchen, living room and bathroom inside, instead of walking out to the summer kitchen. We have been eating outside a lot- easy clean up! Now that I'm done teaching I can finish organizing stuff. The boys room got a new laminate floor this week and is must neater, with places to put their stuff away. We plan to get satelite internet so maybe we will get some pictures up then- hopefully before next month. The boys adopted a kitten this week. They have enjoyed swimming in the pond with Garry, but are happy to have Mom take over cooking- they were getting tired of fried potatoes and meat.