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Sunday, December 28, 2014

a little fun a little sick

Reminding us of when the kids were small, this year this year Christmas and birthday week was filled with sick people. Not so much a throw-up bug as a horrible feeling bronchitis/pneumonia spawning sickness, and even Garry was affected. This is him on Saturday after a trip to the walk-in clinic watching football. The antibiotics seem to be helping, he is feeling better thus morning.

Christmas Day was our usual milk the cows, eat and open presents and eat until 1:30 pm when Seth and Jonah were on the afternoon making crew. We celebrated both our birthdays with blowing out an alarming number of candles- Garry got all 58 of his in one blow last week!
Lighting the candles with a blow torch

Sunday, December 21, 2014


My computer is down, so no blogposts for awhile... hope you are having a good holiday. Sunday we are at. Piney to see our granddaughters' Christmas program. We leave on January first and we have a presentation December 30th at EEFC.  

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Garry's trip west

Garry did go out west for the week, he visited people in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Salmon Arm BC as he had planned and then drove out to Vancouver with AJ, one of the guys who came in March to build the barn to see about the container of farm equipment that they are shipping to Ukraine.
I discovered photos on Garry's tablet, so here are a few...

I spent the week with Jessica in Morden and we were finally successful in finding "the dress" for her wedding next summer. I also got a lot of my Christmas shopping done for the family, so I can relax. All I need to do is address the Christmas letters I got printed last night. We both made it home Saturday afternoon, ready for the rest of our time at home (and a good rest, Garry is really off his internal clock with being out on the west coast!) He slept 12 hours Saturday night!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Back in Manitoba

We left a very cold Ukraine Wednesday afternoon and after a return to village on icy roads when we realized 15 minutes from the airport in Dneproeptroesk we had forgotten one of the suitcases, had a pretty uneventful trip. The highlight was a very empty economy class on the Air Canada flight from Frankfort to Toronto Thursday morning, where we and everyone else in the back of the plane had 3 seats to sit in.

We got out of the airport in Winnipeg at 6:30 pm, Josh and Krissy picked us up and Garry got to play basketball with the boys, after being awake for more than 30 hours. We got to see our granddaughters Saturday afternoon, and today after church we will pick up the car Garry is renting to drive out west to see supporters, look for him in Beechy SK Monday evening, Alberta on Tuesday and Salmon Arm BC Wednesday, with a possible stop in Calgary either Tuesday or Thursday evening. I am staying home to work on wedding planning.