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Friday, March 23, 2018

Ready, set, go

Tomorrow (Friday) we have 9 Canadians arriving. The girls moved out into one of the apartments today. Well mostly, still a few things I need to put away if they don't collect them in the morning. Garry told them they could leave stuff under the beds, (for when they return in a month) so I had to stuff all those little bags of clothes in the closet and cupboards this afternoon.

The washer and dryer (I only use the dryer for sheets when its not summer or I need them in a hurry) have been going all day, right now Eugene's stuff and various things I found on the floor are in the washer and its midnight.

Eugene has been busy with Garry and the guys every day, they poured cement for the floors, they worked on the insulation and floor in the attic- the first layer is the ceiling for the house- while a couple of the boys worked on sanding beams downstairs. Today they started putting up profile and made the bottom of the walls. The guys came to install the windows, which should make it a little warmer in the house to work.

In the morning I need to hijack the guys to help move beds around so I can get them made up before the BC team arrives... Victor will pick them up at the airport at about 1:45 and bring them out to the village. The Steinbach team will arrive on the evening flight from Kiev, Garry will meet them at the airport after they arrive at 830 pm.

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Besides the building project, Monday through Friday next week, will be camp (VBS) for kids in the village who are on March Break then, just like kids in Manitoba. Some Canadians, some of our staff and students will run it at the local school. We have ads up on all of the three stores in the village, and at the school, with the schedule. We will have opening with singing, English, sports (in the gymnasium), crafts and Bible story, with food for a breakfast and lunch made by the church members.

I'll try to get up photos as we go next week!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Cement poured

Well, the plan was to pour cement today and it was happening as I typed. Garry, Eugene and Max were busy all morning getting ready to pour the floor, covering septic lines, putting the water lines in place for the bathrooms and leveling the dirt.

The students were all in class  from 9- 12

since its Tuesday, but after lunch when the cement truck arrived, Artem and a bunch of the students came to help wheel the concrete around.

 As you can see the guys were working hard from 12:30 until about 3 pm pushing wheelbarrows and smoothing cement.

Max and Eugene had soup before the truck came, but after they finished I brought out bowls of soup, some pizza bread, coffee and cookies for all the hard working guys to snack on.

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Garry and Eugene will be out with the power towel working it overnight as it dries. I tried to go out for a photo but the rain we had around 4 or 5pm has given the snow a layer of ice and I slipped and fell in a snowbank! Only hurt my pride, as they were just walking back to the house. I guess you can check out pictures from previous years to see the power trowel in action.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Snowy Ukraine

Well it did start snowing Saturday night and it continued Sunday morning. I was feeling sick all night (my fever was back from the plane) so I decided to stay in bed, while Garry, Eugene, Nelly and the girls were off to Dnepro for church. Garry said if Victor's milk wasn't in the car he wouldn't have made the drive before they left.

I napped for a while, then made a pot of soup around 11 am so they could eat when they got home, and went back to bed. Next thing I knew it was 2 pm, and no one was  home so I fell back to sleep until they came in at 3:30.  They had soup and bread Garry got at the store in in the village.

Image may contain: snow, tree, sky, outdoor and natureHe said it was a very slow ride home to the village, the highway was icy and the snow blowing across making it even sloppier. He could only drive about 60 KM and on the way they saw a tractor trailer jackknifed against a tree and several stuck cars in the snow.

Most of the night you could hear the snow and wind scratching against the windows. Monday morning there was a pile of snow outside, and Garry and Eugene got busy moving it before working on the house reno.

Eugene and Max started working in the house in the morning while Garry and I were teaching our classes. I have promised making pieroski (filled buns) for Wednesday's class.

Image may contain: one or more people and indoorImage may contain: outdoor

Then Garry and crew continued working on getting ready to pour cement Tuesday for the floor, leveling it and getting the plumbing pipes in the ground. They also unloaded trucks with supplies. Delivery is to the yard, not off the truck in Ukraine.

Image may contain: one or more people, tree, snow and outdoorFortunately snow moving was happening- there was snow in all the nearby cities- but the delivery trucks made it in this morning and afternoon with supplies for the build.

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Lunch was a bit of a potluck with me adding dishes and warming the leftover soup when Garry invited the guys (Max, Artom and Vlad) in because the girls are still here- they will move to the apartment Tuesday or Wednesday so I can get things ready for the team to move in. We have ten people arriving (nine from Canada) to help with the reno or with the VBS or spring break camp for the village kids starting next Monday.

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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Muddy Ukraine

It was a long trip back... but I got here before our first team member arrived. Unfortunately I was already at the airport when our grandson was born early in the morning hours of March 13th. I will be back in Manitoba in six weeks to hold little Carson.

Image may contain: tree and outdoorI actually slept on the plane to Frankfurt, but it was a long layover in Toronto, in 13 hours I read more than one book, and started a crochet project, which I continued working on during my 5 hours waiting in Germany. Of course, that final plane took off 45 minutes late so I was hurrying after landing in Kiev to catch the bus to the train station. Luckily I got there in time to catch the 11 pm train I had a ticket for. After a long night of swaying back and forth on my bunk, Garry met me in Dnepro before 7 am Thursday morning.

I got outside for some photos after a nap, so you can see the progress on the house while I was gone. It is really muddy outside, with rain, melting snow... and the forecast is calling for more snow Sunday and cold- below freezing temps next week.

Image may contain: indoor
I got some mud on my sock
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There was a number of things going on, they are rebuilding the back brick wall where the barn room was since it was in such bad shape. They were also installing a fold down attic ladder. Two of the new guys are actually good at brick laying. That's Sergey filling in where the back door was before. A couple of the guys were hauling water and making cement for the wall building.
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You can see the new wood ceilings and the old wood floors at the front of the house in the bottom photo. This coming week they will be installing the windows and pouring cement floors for the rest of the house where the wood was in bad shape.

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Eugene arrived as scheduled Friday afternoon and so far we have kept him busy, he sat in on Garry's Friday and Saturday English classes, went to our final Bible study of the year Friday night, and tonight he's off with the students and Garry for a youth program in Dnepro.
They were home just long enough for him to get a shower. I am enjoying a quiet house and catching up the blog after burning a pile of garbage... and I don't think Garry explained how we sort the trash well enough to the girls because something was popping out there. Glass and metal go in a different trash can.

Unfortunately the wedding of Julia and Dima has been postponed for two weeks, after Eugene changed his schedule to get here for the wedding. We plan to drive into Dnepro for church tomorrow, unless there really is 18 inches of snow falling!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Last day

It's my last day in Manitoba, and I have my fingers and toes crossed that baby arrives today. I did have fun with Abby yesterday when she (and her parents) came out for the day. I even got a wonderful open mouth kiss on the lips, which is a rare thing for her to bestow, I'm told.

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, table and indoorGarry had his usual busy weekend, and went to bed Sunday night at eight pm... and was awake at 3 am, when he video called me. I do have a few photos of Saturday night student church, thanks to Igor, a village kid who is on facebook and likes to hang out every year when the Canadians are coming.

I fly out of Winnipeg Tuesday at 6 am and get to Dnepro by overnight train at 7 am Thursday. Not the greatest flights- 12 hours in Toronto Tuesday, if you want to hang out- but one of the cheapest tickets I've ever had home and back.

Now that I had 2 days of springing ahead here, I'll jump ahead 7 hours... and then spring ahead another hour when Ukraine does!

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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Keeping busy

Garry went to do our regular SEI follow up class on Wednesday. He was scheduled to go to Kamscyoya (former Dpeprapajisk) last week but cancelled because it was one of the big snowfall nights last week. He said the roads are not cleared on both lanes of the four lane highways so it was a difficult drive home still this week.

Image may contain: 4 people, people sitting, table and indoorHe tells me he answered questions that they had written out that he pulled from a hat. Mostly about differences between Canada and Ukraine. We will go back there for the last time a few days before the building teams arrive.

He also did his Friday night Bible study, which will meet for the last time next Friday, I think.

He has been busy working on the house demo, getting ready for the teams to arrive and get lots done.

I have been enjoying hanging out with the kids and grandkids... although I may have to wait until my next trip to hold the grandbaby if it doesn't decided one week late is enough and come out to see grandma this weekend.

Trying to decide what I really need to take with me as I have more than a suitcase full and that was before Garry decided he needed a  large part for his mixer wagon.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Cheese and Reno Update - now has a photo

I am dependent on Garry posting photos on facebook while I am in Canada, so no pics for you today, unless you want to see the snowfall from Sunday/Monday's storm here in Manitoba!

I did manage to video chat with him as the girls were getting ready to head to class, they seemed to be having leftover pizza and cornflakes for breakfast. Garry said he made cheese in class yesterday and then made pizza that evening for dinner. He told me that the blender he purchased last weekend did not work when he tried to use it to make his cream cheese. He has not been successful yet with the cream cheese recipes he's found on the internet. The first batch was too sour tasting and grainy.

The funny thing is when you buy an appliance in Ukraine, they always plug it in to show you that it works. Garry was in a hurry and told them not to bother when he bought it. So I guess he's shopping before he tries again.

He also told be that they have finished the ceiling in the house, and have started taking down more interior walls because they don't seem very stable, but are saving the doors and frames to reuse, like before. The new windows are ordered and should be in before the main building team arrives on the 24th.
We now have a photo taken by one of the village teens with his phone!
 They are also working on stripping the paint off the beams on the ceiling.
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Meanwhile, I have turned to other projects since the girls' other grandparents have taken over watching them, and are still hoping that baby (who's now overdue) arrives before I fly out next week.