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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Catching up...

In exactly one week I will be on my way to the airport... really this time. I have a full day (church in Steinbach and a trip to Morden) and full week planned. There may be time for a few additional things, but as always I will be busy.
Image may contain: 3 people, including Викулик Гонтар, people smiling, people standing, sky, ocean, outdoor and water
Image may contain: Викулик Гонтар, hat, selfie, outdoor and closeupGarry is also keeping busy, today he is helping with the pre-testing for Summer English Institute, and took some of the students to church in Dnepro. 

Yesterday he and the rest of the staff went on an excursion to Zaporosia with the students and went swimming in the Dniper River. Garry said the water was cold.
I have a few photos thanks to the students posting on facebook. It looks like they may have even taken a boat ride.
Image may contain: 2 people, including Викулик Гонтар, people smiling, people standing and outdoorImage may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, ocean, sky, child, outdoor, water and nature

Garry will have a few days away this week for our small group retreat by the sea, he is thinking the water will be cold for swimming after going in the river yesterday.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Crop report

Garry took some photos while he was looking at his fields and posted them on facebook over the weekend so I can write up a crop report. Today he was hoping to finish getting the irrigation pipes connected, they were waiting for another shipment of parts so they could finish. The students and staff were rewarded for all the hard work on Thursday with a trip to the movies to see the Solo movie. Garry said he actually fell asleep during the movie, since it was late and it was in Ukrainian and he couldn't follow the plot.

Garry says the corn is already up to his knees.
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The field that was irrigated last year is almost twice as big as last year, we were able to rent the next field over, and the new corn field across the pond is almost three times as big as what we had last year. They have gotten some water on parts of the fields already.  Of course, we will need that much more water for the additional acreage, and there is a new company controlling the water, and a new tax on water, so the bill will be bigger for irrigation this summer. Basically it means that every inch of rain will save us lots of money, but irrigation will save the corn crop when it turns hot and dry.

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As you can see the winter wheat is starting to turn (change color) and he wrote that it is waist high. The sunflower fields also are looking good, although the rain promised for Sunday only amounted to a few drops.
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The second cut alfalfa has not grown very big because of the dry weather, but Garry says it won't be long and they will be making hay again. This week he needs to repair his straw/ hay shed as the posts are twisted at the back where the guys stacked the hay bales against it. They will have to move the bales and reinforce it before putting more bales there. Image may contain: grass, plant, tree, outdoor and nature

Friday, June 1, 2018


Apparently, there was a delay in getting the lay-flat hose delivered so Garry has been working on cleaning up the outside cattle barnyard for the last couple days with the skid steer. You might remember that last fall they built a shed for the dry cows to go under so they could stay out there during the colder, and/or wetter weather.

However, the lack of a cement pad near the feed bunk meant that the cows got very mucky when it was wet and not freezing, so they ended up mostly in the barn. Garry is trying to get it cleaned up so they can pour some cement out there to make it more useful in any weather.
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However the roll of hose was delivered last night (Wednesday) so today it was back to work attaching the plastic lines that were put in the ground a couple weeks ago to the the lay-flat so the irrigation of the new field can start. Garry shared a nice photo of the work crew having lunch in the field.

He also shared a photo of the corn, I believe that this is the field where they already have started watering the plants. They turn on the water at night when the water pressure is higher so the drip irrigation lines work better.
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Meanwhile, here in Canada, Max has gotten his application to renew his study visa sent off electronically. He still has a couple years to finish his bachelors' degree, but the three year visa is finished this summer. Max studied English for a year and a half before starting his university college courses. He won an award this spring at Providence, but being Max he skipped the banquet to work on writing papers for class.

He is back working at the farm in Manitoba for the summer, and excited about my longer stay, as he lives here in the house, and that means I am often cooking dinner for him and the other boys. Max was a guest at the wedding- we keep telling him he is family, but it's hard to get him to act like it. We got a nice photo of Max with Garry's dad, who was 87 yesterday.

So far, I have been busy babysitting different grand kids since I extended my stay.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A small delay

Well the plan was I'd be at the airport now waiting for my flight to Ukraine, but due to some last minute possible health concerns, I'm staying in Canada an extra couple weeks. It's likely nothing serious, but its hard to get treatment when you have a language handicap!  I am already booked for a couple more babysitting jobs with the kids.

Meanwhile Garry is excited to be finishing the hay yesterday and continuing to put together all the small plastic lines' connection fittings into the big flat lay hoses for the irrigation. They got the water going on the field from last year yesterday evening. That field  is much bigger than last year. They also had to replace a number of the pieces as the threading was messed up on some last year and they leaked. It's like they had a mix of metric and imperial threads so some did not work well together.

More parts were due to arrive today, and the rest later in the week so they should have the new cornfield ready to get water on soon. It remains dry there as usual.
Our teacher from Zaporosia, Larissa, with some of the students
Today was the last day of class for the year, as everyone will be busy with summer work until fall. Victor with the help of former student Andrey who was visiting for the Trinity Day holiday Monday, harvested the first honey of the year. The other guys were baling hay.

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Should lots of sweet stuff to eat when I get back, as Sunday afternoon I helped Garry make cherry jam via messenger chat. I believe Garry said that Sasha Boderenko showed up with two bowls of cherries he'd picked. He and the girls did the hard part of pitting ,chopping and cooking; while I proved moral support and hints on where equipment was hiding, for making seven and half jars of jam.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

He's there!

Garry made it safely to Dnepro about 11:30 pm Wednesday his time (late afternoon here in Manitoba). He told me that he was going to check out the cornfields by headlights on his way home with Victor, but I have not talked to him again. I assume he is very busy and has not had time to post any photos. They are supposed to be putting the little plastic irrigation lines in the corn fields, and I don't know how much was completed when he arrived.

His flight left Toronto an hour late, but they made it up and landed on time. His flight to Kiev left Munich on time but landed late and his suitcase was the last one off, however he took a taxi to the train station and made his train (the timing was a little tight to make the fast train this time).

Here in Manitoba the boys have about 500 acres left to plant in corn, they are getting the ground ready yet for planting closer to the barns. They are already missing their extra tractor driver (Garry).  I have started getting a few things done around the house, and finally washed the last of the borrowed tablecloths from the wedding and returned them yesterday.
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Garry's dad meeting baby Carson
 Garry's dad flew back to Ontario yesterday, I think he really enjoyed staying at our son's house for the week and getting to play with his great grandsons. Two of them live there, Isaac will be three this summer and wants to go outside all the time and great grandpa was willing to go with him. Eli is nine months and enjoyed sitting on his lap. It was disappointing that my dad was unable to fly up with my sister and niece for the wedding as planned after he needed a blood transfusion last week.

I am looking forward to attending our three oldest granddaughters' school concert and piano recital this afternoon.  Sunday evening I will be at Emmanuel EFree in Steinbach for the report night for the team that came this spring. It starts at 6:30 if you'd like to come.

Just as I finished this post he put up photos of making hay!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Wedding and goodbye

The wedding was on Saturday and everything went beautifully. Luke is our son who is as tall as his father and looks a lot like Garry did when he was younger.

Three of his brothers were in the wedding party, one did sound and Matthew, the pastor brother officiated. Garry's dad, who is also a pastor, did the blessing at the end of the ceremony.

The reception was at the farm gym, the tables looked good, the food was great, the kids had fun.

Except for when we tried to take the grandkids photo... maybe next time.

Garry will be off to Ukraine later today (Wednesday). His bag is packed and he's taking a few more turns around a field with the Salford, getting it ready to plant corn. I'll be around for two more weeks, hanging out with the kids, going to school concerts and other grandmother things.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

He's in Canada, and probably on a tractor

Garry arrived a week ago today and except for sleeping, church, a couple of mission related meetings and the Sunday afternoon birthday party for two of our sons; has been driving tractor because the guys here were just getting started with spring planting when he arrived.

Garry tells me the corn in Ukraine was up, he could row it on Sunday before he left. When Garry got here I was in the middle of babysitting baby Carson for two days, so he got to meet him right away. All the family was here on Sunday for the birthday party- Matt was 37 on Thursday and Luke will be 27 on Wednesday (right before his wedding).

I expect Garry to spend a little more time with the family as the wedding approaches, both of our fathers are flying in over the next couple days. Then he will be off to the airport on Tuesday to check on his corn. They will be getting the irrigation tape in the ground soon.