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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Road trip

Today I am slicing and freezing the hot peppers that Garry grew in the garden this summer. Spicy food is not popular in Ukraine, so he starts his plants from seed in the spring, the teams that were here in March saw his box of tiny plants he was trying to remember to water every morning and evening.

I was going to do it yesterday, after I picked them after morning English class, but I went with Garry to Molochansk on an emergency semen buying trip. Garry was down to one straw of bull semen for artificially breeding cows, he thought.  He bred one cow in the barn last night, and discovered that he had two left.
That's 13 cows in our barn this month

 I even got a couple photos of the three times a day moving the milk to the bulk tank on the new farm, which will continue until the middle of next week. It seems it will be at least next Tuesday before the equipment company has a working motor reinstalled and the cows can walk back over to the "new barn" again.

 Today is Wednesday and we have class with the second year students in the afternoon, so no trips today. I have to teach them the English alphabet in cursive since their teacher for their classes in Dnepro uses it and I didn't think it was necessary for them to learn, with so many schools in America not using it anymore.

Anyway I bought the camera along, so here are some road trip photos for you to enjoy.

On top of a Lanos= for recent models it is the most popular in Ukraine

Garry's first bank machine stop in Zaporosia
Garry needed some grivna to pay for the semen, so we stopped to get some at an ATM. All the cash at home went to buy fuel in the morning for the tractors. Tractorist Sasha has been busy plowing up the fields where the sunflowers were harvested. Unfortunately, the ATM had technical difficulties and Garry could not withdraw all he needed, so we had to visit two banks in Molachansk before we could buy the semen.
entering Molachansk 

This is the orphanage dorm that our Max Boradin grew up in

Everyone loves a rototiller vehicle 

The smallest bank with 2 ATMs in Molachansk- but
Garry couldn't get it to work there either!

The wet spot in town

The Mennonite Center is looking well kept

Has to be an old Mennonite building 

The Bull semen business is in an old Mennonite house-barn 

Liquid nitrogen is cool to pour in the tank



dodging holes in the road

The trees are growing closer

Detour through the drive thru at Mc Foxys
McDonalds is closed for remodeling 

chicken dinner

public transport
The onlly Mc Donalds in Zap while be closed a while...

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