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Friday, September 30, 2016

A cloud of dust

It's a little dusty inside the house, but it's dustier outside, the grad boys are clearing the layer of dried mud and straw out that the Mennonites used for insulation in the attic, so we can insulate the attic and this house will be warmer, and cost less to heat this winter. They have been working on it for three days now. with only a few mishaps, the ceiling in the blue bedroom will need some repair where some nail were hammered back through, and stuff has fallen down the vents into the tub and down the stove ventilation pipe.

They cleared stuff out of the attic that has been there for a decade, I am washing up a few rag rugs to add to my collection for the bedrooms.

They really liked one find and tried them on...

Kolya, Artem, and Sasha

Garry and a couple from church in Dnepro have started finishing the inside of the addition at Luda's (the original girls house), so we have more options. Right now the guys house is overflowing, there is only one student with Luda, and five more girls at the "new house". So do we move guys into Luda's, all the girls into the new house, all the girls into Luda's (if we finish her private room addition so we can use two rooms.) or maybe some of the girls Maria has been talking to will come...

Today I stayed at home while Garry went to Dnepro to do English classes/groups to conduct a tour. The INTourist hotel called Victor earlier this week to say they had a group of 25 Canadians coming to see the Verhoog farm at four pm, right when Garry teaches his class and I wander around the city center shopping before we do our follow up Summer Institute meeting at seven. Victor almost did the tour, but someone missed their flight and he had to pick them up today, and Maria went home to see her parents. 

Victor called around 5:30 to say he'd had a call that the group was late but on their way, and they arrived around six pm. Unfortunately just as the boys dumped a big load of dirt out the attic window onto  the pile so you could hardly see for the dust filling the whole yard. Max had greeted them and told me some wanted a toilet so they got to use the bathrooms (there was quite a line so I opened the summer kitchen up too.)

 I made my new handout available and took them around the yard and talked about what we do, and answered some questions about farming. Too bad Garry or Victor weren't here, because I always forget the name of the Mennonite family that lived in this house (it's Letkeman if he's reading this). Of course their time was limited so we did not get over to the new farm or any of the houses, but we peeked into the barn and I gave them the blog address on the handout, so they may be reading this now.

Max and some helpers were busy putting together the new cultivator that came today. Some of the students even said hello to the group.

Now i am enjoying a quiet house to write in, I even did posts on most of the other blogs I work on, so click on the bird photo to see some photos of the students in class, and I even updated the CMRF page

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