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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Open Farm Day

 Garry is busy this week teaching in Ukraine. He tells me that they finally have the additional water working at the "new barn" so the milk cows will be finally, hopefully. moving into the new barn soon. It's been almost a year since the electricity we waited a year and half for was turned on, so it did not happen as quickly as we thought it would. In a week I should have some new posts with photos, as I will be back in Ukraine,

 Right now I am filling my days with grandkids. Sunday, my (Teresa's) last whole day in Manitoba before flying back to Ukraine, is Open Farm Day in Manitoba, and the boys are participating again. This year I'll be there. For directions check out the website-     openfarmday

Teresa Emley Verhoog's photo.
It doesn't say so but the guys have more than free tours in French or English and cow milking going on, they have free coffee and donuts, and maybe some milk too. We are farm #44 on the list. It says Woodridge, but of course we really are in the village of St Labre.

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