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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Cleaning alfalfa seed and other Wednesday things...

Garry was feeling so good Wednesday he spent most of the day out of the house, supervising he claimed, but I suspected working, since his leg felt so good. He wanted me to get some photos of the grad students cleaning the alfalfa seed that they combined at the beginning of September in the field where they left a few acres of alfalfa standing so the bees could make more honey from the blooms.

rubbing it through the screen

separated seed (mostly) falls through the screen
Max found a screen that they could use to make a box to separate the seed from the husks. The students spent the day separating the loose seed from the chaff? husks and bagging it up and then bagging up the husks so they can be cleaned again later to break the remaining seed out so it can be planted in the spring.
the good stuff

big stuff that stays on top

the stuff that will need to be cracked open
the grain storage shed

the work crew got diverted mouse catching
they are going to feed them to their house cats

There is less land to plow up everyday,,,
plowing corn field yesterday afternoon
the old alfalfa field is plowed
We had to go to Dnepro to get Garry's injury checked at the clinic. He had an appointment for four pm.
Pigs going for a ride

a little traffic by the market

 We were there ten minutes before four and out by 4:06. The doctor wanted to wait until Thursday to remove the drain (which did happen today). He is continuing to feel good, the doctor said he can come back on Saturday. The only day we don't need to drive to the city...

Then we had a little dinner in Dnepro before drove down the highway to Kanyatchea - they changed the name from Dneprapajisk - this summer, (Victor tells me his 80 year old mother has always called it that, it was the old name) everywhere in Ukraine they were getting rid of all Soviet references, that's why it's just Dnepro now instead of Dnepropetrovsk and lots of street names have officially changed too.

We had our bi-weekly SEI follow-up group meeting. We read stories from Chicken Soup for the Soul and discuss them and enjoy tea, cookies and candies they provide. There were a few snow flurries just as we arrived and it was a wet, slushy ride home, The snow was collecting a bit as we left the city, and coming down pretty good, but became mixed with rain before we got home in the village.
Leaving the city

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