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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Flying around

.I arrived in Manitoba last night to icy, snowy roads south of Steinbach. Good thing Seth did not pick me up, someone had flipped their car south of LaBroquerie.

Trip was fairly uneventful, Garry and I enjoyed an afternoon/evening hanging out together in Dnepro- eating out, even bowling (he was way too good for someone who has not bowled in more than half a year, and can hardly walk on one ankle) and spent the night at the RoadStar hotel (if you are ever in Dnepro, it's nice) and he dropped me off around 5:30 am at the airport after going through Mc D's- coffee for him and sausage Mc Muffins for me- for my 7 am flight.

Flight took off a half hour late for Kiev and it seemed I spent the rest of the day sitting in planes or hurrying thorough airports. I didn't even have time to buy stroopwaffles in Holland as I hurried to my gate- my tickets said the boarding time was when I was standing at security waiting for an extra check on my computer bag, behind three people who had liquids in theirs apparently because of my power cord,(I was holding my computer in my arms as it had come through the other side of the rollers, with my other bag). Then it was shove everything back in the bag and race to the gate which was at the far end of the terminal. In Toronto, my gate was at the far end on the terminal after customs and security and transferring my bag took about an hour, but I did have time to buy a hot chocolate and bagel at Tim's and carry it along, then eat it and boot up my computer and go online after getting to the gate, since I had been scheduled for two hours in the terminal.

So now I have lots to get finished before Garry arrives in three weeks, paperwork for my permanent residence card (some days I really wished I had gotten Canadian citizenship before we became missionaries because I have to get a bunch of document to show why I have not actually been in Canada enough over the last five years and that I am accompanying a Canadian citizen abroad) check that everything for his operation on December 20th is still set and get ready for Christmas; while he tries to get everything finished in the village so he will feel ready to leave for two months so he can get his ankle fixed.

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