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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fall colors

No more watering the flowers

October 3rd, moving the cows

Walnut popping out of its husk
After yesterday's post without photos, here's some I have taken in the last couple weeks of the fall weather. I picked the last of Garry's hot peppers off the plants last week as the temperature dropped near freezing overnight when the storm came through. The rain and wind really blew a lot of leaves and walnuts out of the trees in the yard.

Ladybug crawling around

A couple of the students picked up a feed bag full of nuts a week ago Sunday for him (without being asked- they signed the bag so he could pay them- he has been paying bonus money for bags of fallen corn in the fields), so Garry has not picked up as many as he usually does. It does seem we are losing walnuts to students along with the crows and mice this year. You would probably cringe watching them crack the shells with their teeth for a quick snack, but they all seem to do it.
October 3rd, walnut trees in front yard

Same place on October 8th
Once it gets cold you can watch while the leaves fall off the walnuts
plop. plop, plop

Here are a few from our drive home Friday.
actually this one was Wednesday
while walking with our embassy company

Bundled up for the teens centigrade (50s F)

Ready for winter

Village herd heads home at 5 pm now instead of 7 

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