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Monday, October 10, 2016

Sunny (but cooler) Sunday

The rain storm blew through quickly Saturday evening, by the time Garry went to help with milking at ten it was clearing, he had to drive on the longer road around the barn that has a good gravel base because of the mud. We did it again in the morning before leaving the village for church because we needed to load up some milk to take, and there were some big puddles and lots of mud. He is hoping it is dry enough for the guys to get back in the fields on Tuesday, it does dry quickly here with six feet of topsoil.

Sunday morning he was up again to help milk, it seems it goes better every time they milk, in fact, it's going so well he is helping the ladies in the morning and is Max doing the night milking (they were getting tired since Garry is more of a morning person and Max is young enough to like staying up until almost midnight.) This morning (Monday) Garry went out with the Blue Jays having just tied up the game and less than an hour later, they were done and he watched the winning run score.

The front coming through brought a cold wind Sunday morning and many people were wearing winter coats. Morningstar Church was celebrating its 22nd anniversary, they rented a different place that they are considering for the winter, since it is cold worshiping in the old truck driving school in the winter months.

Then we were in the downtown while Garry taught English (he is doing a conversation and a business class Sunday afternoons). Sasha had come with us to church and bought groceries for the guys apartment, I did some shopping and crocheting, since I have been shopping for yarn for Christmas presents and baby gifts (we have another grand baby on the way.) While we waited for Garry to come out I showed Sasha some of the photos I took when I was in Manitoba, he enjoyed ones of the kids, farm and seeing some of Max Boradin on my phone too.

I made Garry a special turkey dinner today to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving. Oh well, back to work cleaning up for our guests tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving to Canadians and Columbus day to Americans, too.

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