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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Sunday, Monday... no, you'll have to wait, Saturday spider story

First I want to say I missed telling you about the spider on Saturday. Friday night I woke out of a sound sleep suddenly and thought a saw a big spider hanging overhead. Over my my head, in fact. I turned on the lights, saw nothing, and convinced myself that it was some imaginary spider created in my head. Saturday afternoon I thought again.

Saturday morning I decided to wash the sheets, which I hung out, but brought back inside as soon as they were dry, since I was concerned they would get dirty if the guys started tossing dirt out the attic window again (see Friday's post). I just tossed them on the bed in a pile around noon, I forget what was going on (see Saturday's post and use your imagination). However, with Garry feeling sick all day, I decided to make the bed in the late afternoon, and was nearly finished when I saw something on the floor. A very large fat spider, brownish in color, bigger around than a toonie. It saw me and ran for cover. Fast. It went under the portable air conditioner, near the window.

I have mentioned at least once that tarantulas live in Ukraine. I am sure there is even a photo of one the guys found outdoors. There is at least one story about it maybe five or six years ago. I was pretty sure that was what I had seen. I may have shrieked a little, (no one heard me, Garry was outside) and my heart was beating almost as fast as when I had awoken suddenly the night before. I have a live and let live spider policy, unless they look scary, and are in my bedroom. I will admit that I smashed a small (compared to this one) nickle-sized black spider on the wall one night since returning to Ukraine.

I grabbed the nearest weapon, a heavy slipper with a firm flat sole, rolled the air conditioner quickly a couple feet toward the bed, and then swooped down on the spider, which still looked like a fat, brown, probable tarantula, before it could escape and smashed it to death with the slipper. I think I may have hit it a few extra times, just in case. Then it looked like a fat smashed spider body. I even showed Garry later. If I see another one in the bedroom, I will likely do it again, too, even if they are like the mouse the cat caught and ate late week, looking for a warm place to stay for the winter.

Sorry, no photos of either the live or dead spider. I did not think of all of you and writing blog posts with photos when I saw it. Tomorrow I'll work on a post with photos. You won't believe what happened today.

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