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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

It's Monday, just do it over again...

Monday was cow moving day again (just like last week). The company was coming to install the new engine (motor) onto the vacuum pump so the cows could be milked in the new barn. Garry was happy because we are "off" this week- that means we don't teach  regular classes this week, Just the ones in the city) so he'd have more time to help the cows and milkers adjust to the changes in the system.

Through the house window
Since no one knew whether the changes to the motor would mean the system would work for milking that afternoon, Garry and Max had to decide in the morning after milking whether to feed the cows at the old barn or at the new barn with the TMR. They decided to feed them over there and chased them over there just like last week (less photos this week, I was busy in the house and just caught the tail end of the cattle drive going down the street.)

Of course, it was a rerun of the week before, so the motor did not work, so they could not milk them. They had to make more feed and  someone had to wheelbarrow it into the barn via the arm-strong method, and then gather a crew and chase the cows back to the old barn. Just a little late for milking this time, around 1:30 pm. I got photos of them coming back, it's good thing I went out and saw them coming up the road as no one was there to direct them into the correct gate. I waved my arm from ten meters away.

That was the fast moving lead group, the tractor (not ours) coming up the road startled them a bit, I think and they started running.

The slower group soldiered on and got home too. Seemed like a few non- milkers joined the ranks, but they are moving here someday anyway. By that time I had "help" directing them in, but had to convince the help to move back from in front of the gate.

There was one problem, Garry had to go weld someone's gate down the street around 6 pm. Apparently one of the cows tried going into their yard through their people gate while going past and did not fit and broke it.

Well, good news, we are going to get a larger motor installed on Thursday morning and we are waiting to move the cows until Friday morning, from what I heard.

Cross your fingers, knock on wood, this time it's going to work!

Watch for more herd moving practice photos later this week.

They should be pros soon. Cows and people, both.

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