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Sunday, September 13, 2015

New post?

Garry was just asking where my new post was... I guess I wrote three for the trade school blog. I'll try to get one up here in the morning with photos from the village church, today was their Thanksgiving celebration. Then we raced off to Dnepro to bring the milk there before church was over, among other things. Then we raced home because someone had phoned Garry about breeding a cow... but they never showed up at the house.

So check out the ones on the other blog, just click on the bird photo at right. You can check out the building for sale in the village, ready to sign up to come build next spring? We are closer to getting electricity for the "new barn" for the school, it should happen before the end of the month.

main street (Centralna) who are those people?

You'll never guess who the people I was trying to get a sneaky photo of yesterday are. They are there near the middle of the village almost every day with their display of literature. The Watchtower looks much the same in Russian or Ukrainian as it does in English.

 Some more quick photos in the village next.

Mail delivery? Tuesday through Saturday

The neighborhood kids hangout, or play structure 

The last field of hay was mowed on Saturday 9mostly they had to fix the mower, so they had two of them going. Its almost all cut, hope to get it baled around Thursday.

The ground is too dry to work up or plant winter wheat yet, hoping for some rain... after the hay is baled. preferably.

Everyone should have a motercyclewagon

Goat crossing to road to see what's on the other side
 I watched it squeeze under the fence

Lady coming home from milking her cow in the field midday.

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