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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tractor is back to work!

After a few tries and a goodly number of parts, the guys got the tractor back together, and the hay finally got baled up. Garry had done the load from across the highway on Sunday afternoon after we returned home from church. Sunday evening there was a downpour for a short time that kept them from baling Monday (we had the first day of school, check the other blog for lots of photos)

 Tuesday morning there was a heavy dew, so the hay wasn't drying very fast. but after lunch Garry went out to the field to check if it was dry enough to bale. There were some very black clouds overhead in spite of the lack of rain in the forecast. So an emergency cancelling of classes for the second year students in the afternoon went into effect, the boys helped with baling.
Even Garry got to drive tractor!

One of the two second year girls was bitten by a dog that had escaped from it's yard (jumped over the fence) on her way home from guard duty at the new barn, at lunchtime. Julia has a few cuts from the German shepherd's teeth, and was badly scared. Luckily the dog has been vaccinated for rabies.

Our little guests were still here, and had fun trying out an old tractor in the shed that afternoon before I drove them home. After days of staying up with boys that didn't want to fall asleep until one am, I planned to go to sleep early (like 8 pm) that night, but we ended up going to celebrate one of the group home parent's anniversary with tea and cake, so it was almost ten when we went to bed.

When the boys were between loads, Sasha found this little hedgehog. Polo thought he would bark and save me, and the kittens followed it as it ran away in the yard.

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