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Monday, September 14, 2015

Thanksgiving service at the village church (for Max)

Saturday when we called home, the boys were still trying to install the new dishwasher that came in (I ordered it before I left), they were trying to do it on Friday when I called to remind them that someone needed to get Max... apparently they need a part to hook the water up yet.

Garry talked to Max then; after the first week at university he was back at the farm for the weekend. He said he was going to learn to use the library this week. He sent greetings for everyone, including his church in the village. We got to deliver those in person, since it was the harvest service on Sunday. Everyone was happy to hear how Max was doing and sent greetings back. Here are some photos, hopefully he sees it because I know Max will enjoy seeing his church family!

Outside, nice new walkway in the churchyard

Getting the display just right

Impressive looking, right? Garry really liked the flowers in the gourds

The students are happy to see each other

Almost time to start

Church is filling up, about 40 adults 
Polo, dogs don't go to church! 

Singing hymns 

Polo snuck in, happy to have found us, but Garry carried him out. We had taken the car since we still needed to drive to Dnepropetroesk to bring milk and meet up with some people at our church (we had just found out it was Thanksgiving Sunday this weekend in the village on Saturday morning, and we usually attend it). Later in the service Polo got back inside -the door was open, since it's nice weather- but he carefully stayed away from Garry, hanging out under some of the students' feet instead.

Pastor Ivan

Speaker from Mennonite Brethren 
After the pastor's sermon, visitors from other churches gave some remarks or mini sermons, several ladies recited poems, and one little girl did too. Then it seemed every man there had some Bible verses to share and talk about, so we had to leave before it was over. Of course there was no way to sneak out so Garry explained, congratulated everyone, and gave them greetings and news from Max Borodin.(this was translated by Olga from Zaporosia, who happened to be there, so Garry didn't have to speak in Russian. She had offered to translate for us, but Garry said no, he could follow a lot of the service, even translated a bit for me!)

Then we raced off in the car, since it was 11:30 and Garry planned to go at eleven, leaving an excited Polo behind. We picked up an older man walking out of the village with some bags and going to Dnepro.

He may have regretted getting a ride when some black KIA SUV we didn't notice flying up behind us pulled in front of us, from the right. (We tend to drive on the left lane, since it is somewhat smoother, and watch for the really fast cars so we can move out of their way. Really, really fast, since we were late, Garry was going 120 Kph! ) This guy thought he would show his displeasure in us not getting out of his way by pulling in front of us... like two feet in front of our bumper and slam on his brakes. Several times... lucky Garry has good reaction time.

You only see it once in a while, but scares me, what are they thinking? Bumper cars at 120 kph? After five minutes, he remembered he was in a hurry, I guess, and he took off, intimidating other drivers into moving out of the left lane by flashing his lights. Maybe he should learn use his horn, we might have noticed him.

On the way home we bought veggies at a stand, so I could make salsa to can and freeze some peppers today. Tomatoes and peppers cost more this year than last but they are very expensive to buy fresh in the winter (and salsa is really expensive if you can find it, it's imported). 
Garry was busy working on fixing stuff at the group home today, and enjoyed tacos at lunch time and stuffed peppers and apple crisp for dinner, after my walk. It's fun cooking for two.

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