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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Busy with boys

This last week Garry has been busy with the farm and trade school, and I was doing some canning and freezing. the tractor is still not working, still in pieces, the transmission needs a lot of work it seems because of the metal from the PTO. However they finished chopping the 25 acres of  sorghum silage on Saturday, they used a tractor for a few days from a farmer who wants them to chop 25 acres of corn for him.

Friday morning we went into Zaparosia with some of the students for a dentist visit (they were going to take the bus, but we were going anyway, click on the bird photo for the rest of the story) and returned with our guests until Tuesday, Dez and August who are 5 and 3 years old and from Manitoba, they live with their missionary parents in an apartment in Zap. Their parents left for an anniversary trip to Lviv for a few days by train, and the boys are staying with us on the farm.

I am tired already, we don't have any toys here, we should have kept some of Seth's lego, along with the train set. They are enjoying the one cartoon channel in English, We did watch Dora or Dasha the explorer in Russian Friday evening, but have discovered a pile of them in English in the DVDs our friends left us. These were handy at midnight, when the boys were still awake, after toothbrushing and putting a diaper on with my eyes closed. We have played ball in the yard, the cats are refusing to reenter the house, and Polo is suspicious since he got whacked with a flyswatter (we had a talk about that one), but the animals can return to normal by the middle of next week.

Saturday at five we headed to the pond for a BBQ with the group home families (not the students) and the boys enjoyed running around and some chicken wings. Then we managed a bath, I had to close my eyes while wrapping them in towels and lifting them out of the tub. then they got on some undies so I could apply antibiotic cream to some scratches on their feet. They watched another movie until about one am (I got up at two to check, they are night owls like their parents.)

Well, off to church in Dnepro this morning, they are up having cereal with Garry.

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