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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Working anyway and missing Max

The tractor is still undergoing repairs. The PTO repairs are extending into the transmission, there are pieces of metal floating around in there. They are hoping to not take it apart more... but we'll see what happens.
Garry sharpening the knives before the guys take it out to the field

They borrowed a tractor to start chopping the sorghum silage today, not sure how it went, but there is a lot of stuff there... including weeds (ragweed) since they were unable to find the spray they wanted, but it will make good heifer feed.

Meanwhile hay has been mowed, Thursday they will be baling the field across the highway, it was likely dry enough this afternoon. It has been about 35 C they last two days with a drying wind that feels like it is baking you. I say this after driving to Dnepropetroesk today with Garry with the windows open... still no working AC, seems like summer will end before it is fixed. Apparently, it needs three days to make the repair and Garry can't do without the car that long!

 We enjoyed bowling after some business downtown, although the air conditioning does not keep us from sweating, we haven't bowled in months but Garry had a game over 200, and I did decently, and we were one frame short of finishing five games in our hour, on the way home we did a little grocery shopping, We forgot a few things when we shopped on Sunday... and  I just realized we missed buying a new broom today, mine went over to the group home. At least I can finish my canning in the morning.

We are going to do a bit of boy sitting this weekend for our Manitoba friends in Zaporosia. hopefully all goes well, they have a four? and six year old who are coming out to stay with us in the village for a long weekend. At least the lawn is mown. That's Kolya, posing in the middle of mowing.

I must say we miss Maxim Boradin around here. Tomorrow evening he will be at Providence University College in Manitoba to start International student orientation. he has been keeping busy on the farm in Canada for the last couple weeks. Meanwhile, we are trying to find people to cover all the jobs Max did here in Ukraine...  selling  the milk, grinding the grain, feeding the cows. He is hard to replace, but everyone in the village is excited about him going to Canada to study. Garry was answering questions about him in the store this week and the babushka next door still had tears in her eyes talking to Masha about him yesterday.

The students have taken over feeding the cows, one of Max's jobs

They aren't as good at chasing cows yet...

they are grinding grain upstairs like Max did....

it's a very dusty job as you can see...
Max liked to read his Bible while he worked
Max Rudei or Garry are dealing with the milk buyers
but no one does it as well as Max did, he was very organized at getting everyone
the amount they wanted at the time they wanted it!

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  1. I'm Jo Harder's Mom, and I've been occasionally following your blog, and especially this weekend, when you're babysitting our grandsons. I'm so thankful that Jo and Steve, Dez and August, have a set of grandparents/parents in Ukraine!