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Sunday, August 30, 2015

opps they did it again

Yesterday was move in day at the group home, check out the other blog for photos.

I also got some of the tractor getting worked on it the shop (or garage as everyone calls it here), turns out it was a bigger job to get it ready to chop the sorghum that originally thought! They were still taking it apart and will need to get a number of parts before putting it back together. One of the problems is the PTO (power takeoff shaft) which was really close to falling off.

As I took this photo, they realized Polo was stealing someone's lunch!

Cristina was visiting Bear, who's leaving at the group home/shop
She keeps trying to get him to  sit, but she says "sat" instead

By six pm, the big move was finished, and Garry and I drove Maria home to the city, went out to dinner, and came home and locked the doors, alone at last.

 We have not been alone in a house for more than a couple days since we got married (when Seth and Jonah went home to Manitoba Max and Andrey Rudei were living with us here.)

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