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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Progress and snow

She kept trying to stand on one leg
Saturday we had a bit of snow, Sunday we had some snow, Monday we had snow and rain, today, Tuesday,  it rained for a few minutes...(not quite cold enough to snow) but the guys keep going. The chickens next door have not been out since Saturday when they were looking cold and confused in the snow.  The internet not so much, so it's been hard to get a post done, it's on, and then it's off. Yesterday it worked for a little while in the morning, but by the time I was caught up on emails it was time to cook noon dinner, and it was bad for the rest of the day, and night.

Today has been somewhat better so we'll give it a try while Crystal and guys are drinking coffee and playing Big Boss, Little Boss. Which it turns out has slightly different rules in Ontario, according to Garry's brother Tom, but they seem to be using the Manitoba rules. They have played since Sunday night, I think. Saturday night most of us went to student church (those somebodies were in bed when we got home at 8 pm.)

Saturday during the day, it was too cold, windy and snowy to work on the house putting up the trusses, and they were busy killing a cow in the morning (the group homes will be making and eating hamburger) and Garry and Max had a cow breeding lesson for the students in the afternoon. We had a few extras for soup for lunch, since our vet students were out for the day.

 They went back to Dnepro after church with Victor, who had come out to do the sermon this week. Tom and Dad had trouble following since it was in Russian, but they enjoyed the student choir singing and the fellowship after, Tom played Garry in ping pong and Dad enjoyed when I got a few of the students to sing Jesus Loves Me in English (we worked on it in class this week).

It's a long way across the street in the snow!
Sunday we were surprised when we left church at noon, it had snowed while we were there! Dad and Tom were surprised to find out that it is not Easter Sunday while they are here next week, they will miss it because it is in May this year. Garry went to do his English class while we went to Puzata Hata for lunch, every one enjoyed picking what they wanted to eat from the ladies, I translated a little. They bought some coffee while I went across the street to find a bank machine and got a little wet in the snow, so I drank a cup of tea before driving to English class we were going to visit.

 The class had prepared questions for us, and we asked them a few, too. After the class we bought gas and drove back to pick up Garry, who drove home.

They started playing cards and we had some sandwiches and leftover soup.

Monday was not looking good when we woke up to snow on the ground, so Garry thought they would work at the other house site on the plumbing set up. However, the kids had not pulled up the wood floors yet, so they started on that. Then the sun came out, so they got the trusses up before lunch, which was a little later than the 12:30 I had been told when they left in the morning! In the afternoon they were doing some brick cleanup at the other building site.
Garry and his son Micah

Today they got the sheathing on the outside of the addition at the girls house, and got some fill inside, because they plan to pour cement for the floor tomorrow, I think. There was some shoveling, too.

Garry and his dad
Garry and his brother 

Crystal- who took most of the building photos

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