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Friday, March 18, 2016

Building with family

If Garry is driven, a non-stop guy, it's because he gets it from his Dad, whose 83 years old and never slows down. So of course, we expected him to be ready to go Thursday morning, in spite of traveling for more than 24 hours and getting here after midnight (and a very bumpy car ride).

However he slept in until ten. His sons thought it funny, and headed to the city to buy some building supplies. They all got to work after lunch and nearly finished the trusses. I brought them some coffee and cookies around three pm and took some photos. They were working in the shop.

They finished around five and then we had a skype call with Garry's mother and some of his sisters. It was her birthday and it looked like quite the girls party.

 We then had some soup and headed to Zaporosia to drop off Masha at her home and go to our Bible Study. Most of the guys were ready for bed when we got home around ten pm.

Friday morning and they were all ready to work, the three guys, along with Max Rudei's little brother, finished nailing trusses and started building walls.

 I drove Micah and Crystal to the airport in Dnepro to pick up their bags that had arrived last night. They wouldn't give them to Victor last night, they had to see their passports and have them sign for them. It didn't take too long, and people spoke English, too, they were at lost and found. All was good with the bags. Then we stopped at METRO to pick up a few things, but couldn't fill the water bottle when were were finished there, the lady was on break... for more than the 5 minutes on the sign in the window.

We got back around noon, so I quick made some dinner, and we ate around one, then they were back at work. They loaded their trusses and pre-made walls onto a wagon behind a tractor and drove down to the girls house. Crystal sent me a few photos she took of this afternoon's progress.

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