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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Wishing you a great March the Eighth!

You may not realize it, but today is a major holiday in Ukraine, International Womens' Day, or as it seems to be more popular on billboards, cards and even chocolates, 8  March!

This morning Garry was working at the new house reno when a older lady stopped in and asked why they were working on a holiday. He told her they work everyday but Sunday. I did see a few people working on their yards, and it seemed lots of the men in the village were across the street putting in their two cents... or kopeks? as the neighbor was fixing his tractor. Garry tells me there was a drunk guy lying on the road just up the street around noon. Many people were off from work yesterday also.

 I am sorry that I did not take photos of the fancy little 8 March chocolates I bought for the group home moms and taped on the primula plants we bought from a little old lady on the street Sunday... wait, I have the one I bought for Masha, since we won't see her until Thursday, I'll get a photo... all three I bought had a different picture on... hopefully she doesn't read the blog before then! if so, no, I didn't buy a plant for you.

Garry took out the boxes of chocolates for the milker ladies this afternoon, since he didn't catch them before they left after morning milking, like he normally does. We always get them big boxes of chocolates.

Candy and flowers are the traditional gifts for every women in your life for March 8 in Ukraine. Yesterday one of the milk buyers left a tin of tea for me, she brings something different every year. I got little makeup bags for the female students, with lip gloss and shampoo, plus a chocolate bar. The boys said they would take the chocolate bars. but they have to wait until September for the new men's day. Until recently it was at the end of February, but that was a Russian or Soviet holiday, so now we have a new one.

At four o'clock this afternoon Luda (girls house group home mom) was having a birthday party. Lucky her, two holidays in one! We brought her 8th of March present and a big box of chocolates for her birthday. In Ukraine you throw your own party and invite people. She had invited students and staff of the school, and had quite the spread of finger food, many featuring caviar or salmon on crackers or meats in pastry. That was followed by games, which was followed by smoothies and cakes (and tea). I didn't get any photos of the last two because I used up my battery again. We went home when they finished cake and tea, two of the students were just arriving and some were leaving for evening milking, and a round of charades was just starting. Everyone seemed to be having fun.

This game was the boys against the girls

I believe the girls won

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