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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Trip to Kiev (part one)

Well, when it was time to take Garry's father and brother back to Kiev we all decided on the train, and it was a great ride, smooth and no flat tires! We played cards most of the way there. Garry had booked the four seats at one of the tables and two seats across from them, so the top and bottom player sat across the aisle from the table. I am sure the rest of the people on the train thought the English speaking people were crazy changing seats all the time, as we were all in every seat a few times since we played for about five hours, I think.

When we got to Kiev around 1 pm Tuesday, we checked the suitcases at the train station, and had some lunch at KFC, where Garry successfully ordered a sandwich with no ketchup or mayo for his dad. Then we were off to take the Metro (subway) to the center of the city where Maidan took place.
We had the first trouble of the day when Dad's wallet was stolen in the crush getting onto the subway train. He only had grivna in it, since his  his passport and other cash was in the suitcase back at the train station, but he lost his credit card and driver's licence (turns just the cash and card). He wasn't too upset, because he wanted everyone to enjoy the trip so we climbed the hill to see some of the old Orthodox churches.

Everyone but Garry's dad and I climbed the bell tower at St Sofia's, built in the 18th century, The church itself was built in the 11th century, with extensive renovations in the later centuries, but many places now show the original finishes and frescoes.

We then went to the ancient church across the hill and walked around the grounds. We rode the inclined railroad down the hill (worth the price of 3 grivna per person) to find the vendors on first street.

We didn't buy many things there, but we then took a taxi, well, two taxis to the Lavra monastery grounds... more on that next time. It's almost ten pm Thursday and we are still a little tired, everyone else has gone to bed and I think I'll join them, it's been a busy couple of days. Tom and Dad are safely home in Canada, and we are back in the village with Micah and Crystal.

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