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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Trip to the market and pouring concrete

Yesterday Garry had talked about going to the market in Zaporosia on Thursday, but then it seemed like nothing was happening this morning, so he decided we could go there this morning instead. His dad was looking for a few things he wanted to buy to take home, and it is always interesting to see what's for sale. We went into the big Orthodox church first, then walked to the nearby market going under to get there.

We walked a lot of the market and everyone made some purchases, Garry's dad got a new plastic tablecloth, his parents have gotten one at one of the markets the two previous visits and he bought a winter hat. His brother got a few things, including an old watch and we bought some veggies and checked out the milk sellers.
 Afterwards we headed to the Epi-Center (think home depot) to buy some stuff for the house they are working on. We found two windows, and the salesman helped find vinyl siding and insulation, which was outside.

Then Garry found a guy with a truck to deliver and we had some lunch at the store cafe before heading back to the village. We forgot about getting the train tickets for the return trip to Kiev next week, we'll buy them tomorrow.

The guys were in a hurry because the cement truck was coming between two and three, and the roofing was supposed to be delivered after lunch, too.

They got the floor poured, it was a little tricky to do as you can see in Crystal's photos. They even put up the siding on the short sides. Tomorrow they plan to install windows in the morning and finish with siding the front of the addition.

They are right on schedule I think, even if they couldn't get an early start today, the roofing will be ready to go on tomorrow too. They are hoping the floor will be dry enough to walk on.

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