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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Irrigation photos

The peonies are blooming in the yard
As promised, photos of the guys (and girls) working on the irrigation project this afternoon. They were working on it all day, but I caught a ride over to the field with Garry later in the afternoon and then walked back. Garry came in with a pile of bread and helped me put together sandwiches and cookies for the crew for lunch.
Artom filling the sprayer with water yesterday

If you remember all I told you yesterday about how they weren't going to put the water lines in the field, and maybe they would cultivate and replant the corn field they wanted to irrigate? Well forget that, because they aren't doing any of those things, instead they were putting the -plastic lines in the field today. It was decided that it will all be worthwhile anyway. The corn fields are all sprayed for weeds, including this one, and there are a few more corn plants coming up yet in the field.

Some of the guys were working on digging a trench for the big pipes, the filters will be in this area of pipes. They economized by buying four smaller filters for about 800 dollars (total) instead of  $7000 for one the size of the big pipe coming out of the meter and the big line.

Max is busy with welding pipes together for the system. They started on it yesterday.
the meter is in the locked brick box the pipes are coming out of

Artom was driving the tractor across the field, they borrowed the machine to put the plastic drip irrigation lines in the field  from the vegetable farmer.

Those big rolls of plastic are heavy. I helped Garry carry them from the van into the the cheese room after he picked them up at the shipping place of Friday morning. I have a bruise on my forearm from carrying them.

 There were two crews of students cutting and folding the plastic lines at either end of the field. they also had to hold them to start the new rows until the tractor had gone thirty or forty feet.

That's Nikolai standing of the back watching for problems

folding the ends

taking a break until the tractor is back on this side

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