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Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Garry spent most of the day working on bricking the septic system for the cheesemaking building.

He tells me that he laid about 800 bricks, so he's got some aches and pains tonight.

The bees were busy  making honey.

There was a car this morning with a loudspeaker driving slowly through the village, either buying or selling live chickens in cages stacked under a tarp in the trailer they were pulling.

Kolya and his girlfriend Oxana, who was working at the barn

 Garry did not get hit by any bricks dropped down to him, even when I did some while Kolya was making more cement.

For a while after lunch Sasha was down in the bottom handing bricks to Garry so he did not have to lean over as much, he has a young back, he said, not old like Garry.

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Garry is standing on a table by mid-afternoon. It's a pretty deep hole.
more bricks

Tomorrow they will make a cement cap to go over the hole. This is were the wash water will go, there is no toilet in the cheese house, by the way.

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