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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Internet posts, page views and so on

I was just checking our blog stats (it comes up sometimes when I open the blog to write), and the trend toward American page views continues. Historically we have had as many or more hits from Canada, but I noticed a couple of months ago that we were having a lot more more American ones.

When we started doing this is 2008, I figured that mostly our friends and family would be reading it.  Our sons actually say they don't need to talk to us because they just read the blog to find out what we are doing, so it's amazing to see where people reading it are located nine years later. This week the stats have over a thousand page views for Americans, 500 for Russia and just over 200 for Canadians, so better get your friends to read the blog, Canada. For the monthly stats, however, Canadians were just ahead of Russians. I have no idea why we had 500 from Russia and less than 20 from Ukraine this week, I only know a couple of people who live there. Hello to Taiwan, Germany, Ireland, the UK, Holland, a couple of French readers this week, and some Indonesian readers this month, you made ten!
Garry is the tall one, I am to his right with glasses! 1977

I don't know how all of you get here, but, hey I am still an American, so hello fellow Americans! Forty years ago I told all my friends in high school I was going to marry a Canadian, (I was a big Philadelphia Flyers hockey fan) and I found Garry just weeks after graduation, showing cows at the county fair.

 Garry was born in Canada, but lived in the US from age 5 to 29, when we bought that first Ontario farm. We moved to Canada in 1987 after the whole herd buyout program (if you are an American dairy farmer, you probably know what that is, if not you won't). It was ten years later that we moved to Manitoba.

If you haven't read my other blog lately, A Bird's Eye View, which is a little more centered on our school and students, click over there on the bird photo to the right or here . There are some great photos of the bees I took last week, too.

A month or so ago Daryl, our boss was on a podcast that our EFCC puts out, and he talks about our project. Not everything is completely accurate, but you might enjoy listening to it.
Our mission area director talks about us in a podcast

Don't forget you can check the blog with a safe secure link if you are not already using it.

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