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Thursday, May 18, 2017

And it's done... well almost

Sasha looking down yesterday
This morning Garry, Kolya and Nikolai made the cement cap for the septic system, after pulling the blue table out. Apparently they also tossed out the half full bottle of Black energy drink that Sasha had accidentally dropped in yesterday. However, Kolya drank it while they were working, so when Sasha showed up looking for it, he told him that it was still in the bottom of the hole under the cement top.

It is almost a joke with the students because Sasha spends so much of his money on his Black. He doesn't smoke, he's just addicted to drinking Black (it's way cheaper than Red Bull).

 They made a framework of 2 x 4's on edge, covered it with some old pieces of sheifer (that asbestos roofing stuff) and then  put on rebar and cement.

Now Garry just needs to get the rest of the equipment ready to make cheese. Victor is getting quotes on the machinery and installation for the refrigeration room and hopefully Max is able to get the rest of the vat welded together, now that planting is done and the wheat has been sprayed.

Last month when Max started welding the stainless vat

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