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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Last here and there post for now!

Garry will be here in Manitoba next week, since the wedding is one week from today. He's been very busy this week. He interviewed new studdent candidates for next year and lots of work was done at the new group home (see birds eye blogpost). He also said his foot was feeling better after spending a day on his knees tiling at the house. We'll see when he gets here Tuesday night.

Maxim Rudei and our neighboor Seroshja built an augur to drill the holes for the elctric (hydro) poles out of old parts. They used an old combine augur with a disc from culivator welded on the end to drill with and used a hydraulic motor that Serhojsha had. The electric company guys were so impressed with it they took photos. They said their device is attached to giant tractor that rarely works.

After three weeks of dry weather, there was a good rain on the crops. As soon as the weather is dry, the guys will be doing hay again. Garry is going to Kiev by train Monday morning and will meet with the people who are importing the container for us.

What am I doing here in Manitoba? Besides cooking cleaning and organizing? Getting ready for weddings, rehearsal dinner BBQ at the farm, and the bridal shower for our daughter the day after her brother's wedding?

here's a peek. Last week I went to Keziah's preschool grad and babysat the girls for the rest of the day. It's hard to believe that she'll be five next month.

This week I watched the boys and Crystal play softball and helped out with Havilah's kids birthday party. She is seven years old already. We have been away forthe last six years soon!
I was in charge of homemade ice cream making. The girls and I churned it with a hand crank and made friendship bracelets. The party had a camping theme. There was a lot packed into two hours!

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