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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

What I've been doing

Now that I have you updated on Garry, here's a look at what I have been doing...

Our daughter picked me up from the airport last week Monday night, an I spent the first days at her house in Morden. While I was there, we shopped unsuccessfully for my wedding dresses, for either or both weddings, if I can't find one for my son's wedding I may wear the pink one from last year's wedding!

I spent some time with Jacklyn, her dog, who is 14 1/2 and showing her age, we relaxed outside on Tuesday, and pulled some weeds in the flower beds. I got the invitations printed and did some planning and shopping for the wedding shower I am co-hosting for her the day after her brother's wedding.

We went to see the coordinator for her wedding in Winnipeg on Thursday, right after getting back from a school trip to the art gallery in Winnipeg. She was short on volunteers, so I updated my accreditation I had gotten to go on a trip two years ago. If you are in Manitoba, go see the Greek art exhibition on loan from Berlin, they did a great job displaying it. You can see sculpture like we saw in Rome without leaving home!

Then right after she got home from teaching on Friday we were off to Steinbach for a shower for Audrey. Noah was there too, but he was not good at the "What's in Your Purse?" game, I won that one. He was on the same team as his sister and I for the wedding dress creation game. We didn't win, but Audrey chose the winner and she was on the other team. Noah says she doesn't like losing. After the shower, Crystal drove me back to the farm.

Over the weekend I started sleeping past  three or four am, hooray! (in spite of staying awake all day, everyday until 10 pm) Jet lag will be over until August when I fly back! Saturday evening I went over to Micah and Crystal's with the boys for game night. Sunday I went to church in Piney where our son was preaching and had lunch with them. The girls have grown so much in six months.

 Monday I mailed the US invitations in the US and discovered that postal rates went up that day. I had driven there on Saturday morning and discovered the counter had closed at 10:30, ten minutes before i found the Roseau post office! I guess I'll just mail letters in Canada from now on.

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