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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Better every day

At least that is what Garry says about his foot. He says it feels better is he doesn't walk too much and wears good shoes... I think he ditched the crutches.
OK the septic is round not oval as it appears!

This week he said they got more work done on the new group home... painted a room inside the house, and worked on the septic system. Exciting news- the electricity project that was approved in April (after a year waiting) to get power to the "new" barn and classroom is finally started! Garry hopes to be milking the cows in the freestall barn in the fall. he sent some crop photos too.

the wheat field 
 The crops look good because of the wet spring, however Garry is hoping for rain as it is getting dry and the corn especially needs more moisture. This week the temperature is in the 30 C (getting over 90 F) Hot!
one of the corn fields

second cut alfalfa is growing well

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