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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Update from Ukraine

Well I have talked and messaged with Garry a few times since I got to Manitoba a week ago, and so here's a few things that has happened since I left.

The hay is baled and in the barn. The haymow is about three quarters full of first cut alfalfa hay. Last year the mow was one third straw. Garry says it will all have to go outside this year, because the second cut is already growing back. he took a photo of a hayfield today (Monday evening)

You might guess that it rained after the hay was baled. Garry said that there was a couple of good downpours and some wet weather on Friday, so the crops are in good shape. He was really hoping that the rain would come, the fields were getting quite dry after all the rain this spring. Looks like there will be a good second cut of hay in a couple weeks.

The wheat is looking good under the setting sun in the picture he took, and the corn looks good, they were getting the spraying done today. Garry had to go out to help Max Rudei set up the sprayer this morning when I was chatting with him on facebook (before I went to bed last night.)

Garry said the garden isn't looking so good, some kind of bugs are eating it up, I think he needs some spray for it.

Today the overhead door was installed for the shop. Looks like it is brown in the photo. Bear will finally be able to give up his guard job and come home to his dog house.
they painted the walls a couple weeks ago

It looks big

Garry and the students were working on putting the ceiling in the shop on Friday when he reached too far to put in a screw and somehow fell off the scaffolding. He landed on his good foot as he fell to the cement, to protect his bad ankle. On Saturday he could hardly walk and got an x-ray and it wasn't broken, but he says it has turned black from the bruising.

 Monday (Today) he wasn't teaching, apparently he taught last week, so he went to the new house, but only worked half the day because his foot hurt too much, so he went home and made strawberry jam. Hopefully he is all healed up in three weeks when he comes here for the weddings.

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  1. Garry is an angel that hasnt got his wings yet. Hope your foot is better soon.