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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Election campaign

With the election coming up on May 25th, I thought I'd show you some of the billboards we have seen in Zaporosia and Dnepropetroesk for candidates running for president. According to polls, the leading contender is the man who makes the best candy in Ukraine, which was banned from being imported into Russia a year ago, making people there sad. If you ever see Roshen candy, buy some, it is delicious. The last article I read, Poroshenko was at about 40% of the vote- roshen is in the middle of his name, if you are confused. We have never seen an advertisement for him for president, however.

No ads up for Yulia either, but about 10 days ago, before I left,when we were in Zaporosia,  I spotted this booth across the street from the city mall, so there must be campaigning for her by the party- the Fatherland (or Motherland) party. I guess she is too well known to need billboards.

The next political party is well known, the Party of Regions, which was the party of the last president, Viktor Yanukovych. He has a lot of billboards in both cities, but this guy is not expected to win, as you can see, someone in Zap is not voting for him.

There are some other independent candidates with billboards up, but they are not expected to get much of the vote in the election. The first ones we saw were the ones that seem to promise to get back Crimea for Ukraine.

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