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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Haying time in the village

 Garry has not started haying yet, he told me yesterday that he told the guys that Tuesday will be the last day they plant crops. the corn seed is nearly all planted, however they are still discing fields because they keep getting more land to rent!

However, haying is happening in the village as you can see in this photo he took. He wrote " notice only the lady is working!" Most families it is the lady of the house who milks the cows, and makes the curds cheese and cream if they sell it that way. You can tell that it has gotten hotter in Ukraine, too.

Many people in the area cut roadside grass, bring it home, spread it out on the front lawn to dry it for their cows for later use. They will pile it into hay stacks and cover it with some kind of plastic, or put it into some kind of shed. Some have small alfalfa plots in their gardens, also.

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