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Friday, May 2, 2014

Wednesday English Club

the city entrance sign
Garry has been doing two English club meetings this year, one in Dnepropetroesk on Friday nights that finished a couple weeks ago, and one in Dneprodzertjisk (another nearby city, try pronouncing that) which finished this Wednesday, April 30th.

It is another industrial city like many our region. There is a fertilizer plant, which is not as big as it used to be according to the locals, some parts of the plant are being dismantled.

Three years ago they built a new highway that makes it much faster for us to drive to Dneprodzerjisk because we don't have to drive to (and through) Dnepropetroesk first.

the new highway

See the kid sitting on the 3 (z or zh sound) The sign is for a  factory

All the girls got ribbons to wear for the party

We enjoyed all the food and games
 There are three English teachers in the city who organized the meetings and encourage their students to come hear a native English speaker. All these ladies attend the Summer English Institute in Dnepropetroesk every summer in July. They were very excited when they asked and he agreed to come to them to do it, because we have never had a follow-up group there. He started last fall on every second Wednesday at 6:30 pm, and some evenings there were 20 people there to practice English- and hear Garry tell stories.  He was using the book How to Win Friends and Influence People for both groups. This week they had prepared a farewell banquet of Ukrainian treats that we all enjoyed before Garry got to talk about the highlights of the last chapter, .
They always ask Garry to bring milk to buy after class

driving past the fertilizer plant
We were later than normal driving home, it was 8:20 when we left the city and it was starting to get dark. We drop a few people off after every meeting as we leave the city because it is on our way to the highway.  We got home to a wonderful aroma- pulled pork that our guests had made, so Garry had to try some even though we had filled up on lots of delicious Ukrainian treats.

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