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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

One more day

Talked to Garry on Monday evening there, he was getting ready for overnight company. Steve and Jo are Canadians who work in Zaporosia with New Hope, they have two young sons who had not visited the farm before, so I hope that they are having a good time. I actually met them for the fist time in December, in a mall in Winnipeg while we were home for Christmas, but Garry had met them earlier in Ukraine.

Today is my last day in New Jersey, Thursday I fly back to Manitoba. It has been a more difficult visit this time as my mother's loss of mobility has put her in a wheelchair as ALS continues to steal her life from her. When I was here in late November she was still walking with her cane around the house, but at least she is still able to write notes to talk to us now. She was helping me locate a store so I could buy the wedding bubbles yesterday.

Crystal and Micah opening presents at the shower

Lots of fun and lots to eat, too
It is two and a half weeks until the wedding of (number three son) Micah and his lovely bride Crystal. Garry flies home a week before the wedding, I arrived in time for the bridal shower on May 10th, which our daughter Jess did a great job of organizing, it was a BBQ for guys and girls at our son Matt's house (special thanks to Kari and girls who got the house ready for company!)

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